Did you know that in the USA, August 19th is National Aviation Day? Pretty cool! It has been since 1939 when President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed it so.

It’s a day when everyone celebrated the history and development of all things aviation.

Why August 19? Well, it happens to be the birthday of Orville Wright – who, with his brother, Wilbur, used a biplane design to build the Wright Flyer. And the rest is history!

So – what can YOU do on this day? Easy – why not check out one of the many aviation museums that can be found across the country!  Kids can learn all about the history of aviation, and really appreciate and understand how far we have come with this amazing technology that allows us to travel to pretty awesome places!

If the kids want to check out one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world, then the Army Aviation Museum in Alabama is one they will want to see! In fact, there are over 160 military aircraft that they can explore.

In Florida, you can spend the day at the Florida Air Museum, with one-of-a-kind designs on display as part of some of the best examples of aviation you will come across, and the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola has a flight simulator as well as an IMAX theatre with their restored military aircraft!

Off to Kansas? Then best check out the Kansas Aviation Museum, and those West Coast families, you won’t miss out with the Oakland Aviation Museum, with an extensive aircraft collection all in a historic hangar.

And of course…the big guns of aviation....

What would a day started by a President be without a trip to Washington DC! The grand National Air and Space Museum actually has the ORIGINAL Wright 1903 flyer (very fitting for this day!), as well as the Spirit of St. Louis, AND the Apollo 11 command module (aviation isn’t just in OUR atmosphere after all!)

Just think – where would we be in this world without the wonderful powers of aviation? If the Wright Brothers hadn’t tried something new, and hadn’t pursued their dreams of making a difference, we might be still relying on trains and boats to this day!

From two brothers, to space exploration, the history of aviation is a truly fascinating one, and a history that is worthy of it’s own day.

So take the family on a FLYING day out on August 19…and become part of the history!