Fourth Of July is a great holiday, where of course, we celebrate the independence of the USA from Great Britain, all the way back in (kids…do you know the date…?) …1776 of course!

It’s a time when the family can get together, enjoy food, music, and pretty awesome fireworks….but we want you to stay happy and safe, so we have put together some tips on how to make your Fourth Of July the best it can be!

Happy independence all!

1. Food for thought!

BBQs are a staple at any Fourth of July party, but make it great for the kids by using whole wheat buns, lean meat, and load up on colorful veggies so they can keep heading back for more without worrying about their precious little bodies!

2. Firework Safety!

You can’t have a celebration without those fireworks, but kids won’t want to get too close! Why not make a game where you have a line of toys that they have to stand behind, and the race to pick the best toy begins when the fireworks are over!

Anyone who crosses the line is disqualified….they will keep them safe!

3. Sun Safe!

Make sure you limit their exposure to the sun between 10am and 4pm. Grab some fun colorful umbrellas that they can hide and play under. Use a minimum of 15 SPF too….30 is best! Don’t forget to re-apply!

4. The Big BANG!

Little kids might have sensitive ears, so it’s a great idea to keep headphones on hand for any kids who might need some extra coverage when those fireworks go off. 

5. Dress Code!

It’s all about the USA…so why not have a red, white and blue dress code! It’s fun to get dressed up, and you could even have competitions for the best USA themed outfit! Maybe make some pom poms too! 

6. The Bike Parade!

The Fourth of July is all about celebrations, so why not have the kids in the block grab their bikes, don them in red, white and blue, and parade them up and down the block! Prizes for the winners of course! 

7. Patriot Games

Outdoor fun is what it’s all about! Arrange some games like relay races, balloon fights (British vs USA!)  or pin the stars on the flag! Great fun!

8. Learning is Fun!

Why not incorporate some learning into the day. Have storytelling and quizzes about the history of the day, and learn about the flag and important symbols.  Who says learning has to stop just because it’s a holiday!

Everyone at Family Days Out wishes you the BEST Fourth of July EVER!