Historical Attractions in ODESSA with kids

You’ve heard the saying “History can be fun”…well, we think history IS fun (especially in Odessa, Texas!)

Odessa is filled with history, and what better way to learn about it with children than to experience the many places to visit in this The Lone Star State city that can actually take you back in time!

Historical attractions come in all shapes and sizes. There are landmarks where iconic events happened. There are homes of historic figures filled with treasures and artifacts from their amazing lives. There are historic buildings whose walls are filled with stories from Odessa’s past. 

The best way for kids to learn about history, is to actually visit the places where history happened. It makes sense! Kids can use their imagination as they read and hear all about events, people and places, and feel like they have gone back in time.

There are plenty of things to do with kids in Odessa when it comes to history, so what are we waiting for - let’s GO! 

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