Things to do in SACHS HARBOUR with kids

The Northwest Territories are a place that isn’t often thought of straight away when it comes to kids adventures in Canada, but it should be! It’s so spectacular, with PLENTY of incredible things to do with kids!

The amazing outdoors is the front runner of amazing places to take the kids. Companies such as Arctic Adventure Tours and Arctic Nature Tours are a great way to take the family out and experience the wilderness (including fun activities like dog sledding!)

Where will you be heading to?  Take your pick! National Parks are a plenty, from Ivvavik - the first national park to be created, to Aulavik with it’s rivers, rolling hills, badlands and water activities. Tuktut Nogair National Park is a brilliant location to spot the amazing wildlife, from wolves, grizzly bears, and muskoxen.

The NWT of course has it’s cities and towns, where kids can enjoy the culture at centers like the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage center, with fascinating collections of historic clothing and hunting tools!

A once in a lifetime experience and certainly a place that the kids will never forget!

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  • Aulavik National Park

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    Sachs Harbour

    The park encompasses a variety of landscapes from fertile river valleys to polar deserts, buttes and badlands, rolling hills, and bold seacoasts. At the heart of Aulavik is the Thomsen River, which ...