Arts and Crafts in POND INLET with kids

Who’s ready to have an ART attack! Arts & Crafts are such a great way for kids to get creative and express themselves, and in Pond Inlet, Nunavut there are certainly plenty of places ready to help them!

Nunavut is filled with painting studios, pottery workshops and other artistic activities which are perfectly suited for those younger art lovers. It’s a great way for kids to get their hands messy, and just have a great time with the family making something special.

Whether kids want to paint, sketch, draw, mould, glue, cut or shape….Pond Inlet is FILLED with creative places for them to let their inner Picasso shine through!

Some places offer lessons which are great for them to learn the basic techniques, and other places offer pre-made pottery items so they can get straight to painting. 

Let Pond Inlet inspire creativity and give your family a CRAFTY family day out! 

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