Montreal is a city that you won’t truly understand what’s fun and magical about it until you visit - and so let’s visit!

Montreal has everything a family would want for their family day out. History? You got it! Outdoor space to play? Just say when!

Not only is it a really pretty city, but it’s rich in culture and history, has really tasty foods, gives kids a multicultural experience AND is full of fun things to do with kids! Sounds amazing!

The architecture in Montreal is pretty spectacular, and fun to look at. The Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal is really cool, AND it once held the crown jewels of royalty! 

Remember that outdoor space we told you about? How about heading to Mount Royal Park which is the largest green space on Montreal Island, or Montreal Botanical Gardens with tens of thousands of plants and flower species to explore! 

Is it thrill rides you’re after? La Ronde is waiting for you then with over forty of them - so you know there will be something for everyone there! 

And then from thrills to ….chills! Montreal has quite a story to tell, having seen human life in the area at least 8,000 years ago, and eventually being incorporate into a city in 1832. Which means, you might have some other visitors still hanging around…if you know what we mean! Fantomes Montreal Ghosts is the best way to try and say hello to them….we know you want to!

Montreal is not just a FUN city, it’s a vibrant city! Around every corner you will find music, or festivals, or fairs. Around holidays and festive seasons, the entire city embraces the fun, colours and atmosphere - and transforms into something really magical. 

If you live in Montreal, you most certainly will find something new to do with your kids every family day out, and you will remember why you decided to live there. If you are new to the city, then get ready for an adventure! You won’t be short of fun things to do with the kids, or new attractions to experience.

Kids can play, laugh, learn, and create amazing memories that they won’t be forgetting anytime soon…and it can all be done as a family. That’s what we like to hear!