Get those skates on!

"Get those skates on" is something all kids might have heard at one point or another (we know how hard it is to get ready for school!) - but this time we literally mean it - Get those skates on...

Ice skating that is!

Ice skating is a super fan activity to do with the whole family. It keeps kids healthy and active, they will get more confident over time which means they'll see themselves improving. Not to mention it's great for their coordination and balance too! Plus - it’s always great to learn a new skill isn’t it!

Skating around those outdoor rinks, all snuggled up in those big fluffy jackets, with that fresh, crisp winter air on your face - it’s an experience kids will never forget! 

"But what about in summer?" we hear you ask...Sure, there is certainly something magical about skating out in winter as the snow falls, under the stars. But luckily for you ice skating is found all across the country in indoor skating rinks - which means they are all year round!

Love that!

Skating rinks have open sessions for the public, usually in blocks of a couple of hours and you can go on and off the ice as many times as you like during that time. Catch you breath, have a great, and get back out on the ice again! Your admission will allow you to skate for the entire session - so you'll certainly get your moneys worth! It’s worth noting admission doesn’t usually cover the cost of the skate rental - but if you have your own that’s just as fine! 

Never skated before? Don't you worry there! Skating sessions are open to everyone - from those who have never touched the ice before, to the pros. Just stick to the edges if you are nervous - there's a very handy rail to hold on to (and here's something to make you feel better - you won't be alone!)

Skating rinks often hold skating lessons which start at beginners and go up in grades, so if you wanted to learn a few techniques and moves before you hit the ice to build confidence, lessons are a great way to go about it. And if you LOVE it - it doesn't end there! Ice Hockey is a super popular sport for kids, with leagues and competitions, as is figure skating and even speed skating. 

Who knew ice could be so much fun!

If you are looking for something fun, challenging, and very family friendly, then ice skating might just be your thing!

After can't spell "nice" without "ice"!