Amazing wildlife, northern lights, the midnight sun, and gold rush history? It can only be the incredible Yukon!

Yukon is one of Canada’s three territories, and is located high above the Canada most people know. It is also an AMAZING place for kids to experience!

The first thing you’ll notice about the Yukon is the incredibly vast and beautiful landscapes. Snow covered mountains, piercing blue lakes, and seemingly endless spruce trees. Which also means - amazing outdoor adventures for kids!

Explore ice fields with Kluane National Park, journey through the mountains on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad and experience white water rafting with Nahanni River Adventures !

You can even swim in hot springs at Takhini Hot Springs in EVERY season, or take to horseback with Yukon Horseback Adventures.

Yukon is also know for it’s fascinating history, with the Klondike Gold Rush that changed everything.

Dawson City is a great place to be for the gold rush history - with attractions like Goldbottom Mine Tours and Dawson City Museum allowing kids to learn all about this incredible time (and even pan for REAL gold that you can keep!) It’s also a proper frontier gold rush town, with very cool buildings and history around every corner. Walking down the street will be like being in a postcard! The city was filled with desperate prospectors, mounties, saloons, and hotels all part of a fortune making hope - with remnants all still there today!

What is also very special about the Yukon is the First Nation culture. Kids will learn about traditions that span back generations upon generations - first hand! The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Center and Danoja Zho Cultural Centre are just some of the places that celebrate the traditions of these unique cultures, and kids can really get involved and learn every aspect!

A great way to see all of these attractions within the Yukon is an RV trip. It is a drivers dream, and the well-maintained highways will take you to all the corners you want to explore. Yukon also is great for camp sites such as Caribou RV Park  which are perfect for your accommodation. The drive is incredible.  Imagine stopping alongside a beautiful flowing river with mountains all around you as you bring out your lunch and spend family time together enjoying the view! 

And in a place where there are twice as many moose as there are people - you’ll be sure to spot some impressive wildlife on your travels!