Australia has a fascinating history! For thousands of years, the Indigenous tribes called this great land home, before the First Fleet settled in 1788 and Australia expanded….into a country with incredible attractions for kids where they can learn all about this fascinating history!

NSW is where it all began with the landing )in Botany Bay, and on January 26, 1788 they settled in Port Jackson. (Now you know why we celebrate Australia Day!) so what better place to start our historic adventure!

First up – ghosts! Yep, that’s right –the Q Stations Family Ghost Tours take the family take you around the VERY spooky quarantine station which was where the immigrants were held while they made sure they were all healthy and ready to call Australia home! Kids can walk around all the quarters – from 3rd class to 1st class, the showers, and even the mortuary (very creepy!), late at night and hear all the stories of the people who passed through the doors. Then, end the evening with a lovely hot drink and damper. Not the best for younger kids, but the older kids will love hearing the stories and trying to spot those ghosts! (Let us know if you see one!)

The adventure continues to the 1850s gold rush! This historic event happened between 1851 and 1880 where the population exploded in NSW – with people all trying to find their fortune! The Original Gold Rush Company have recreated an authentic feeling 19th century village where kids can be transported back to a time totally different to what they know now! There are even mazes and old time photography!

What’s that rattling on your ankles? Looks like you are stocked and shackled – and can’t escape! (Only kidding!) But kids can experience the life of a convict how it would have been over a century ago! Hyde Park Barracks  is a great insight into the history of the convicts – which is a HUGE part of what makes Australia what it is today. There are fun clothes where they can dress up, try on the shackles, and learn fun facts through the storytelling.

Heard of The Rocks? If you haven’t been, make sure you take the kids to experience an incredible part of Sydney which used to originally be home to 19 Aboriginal Tribes, and then later the site of the “homes” of the first convicts!

The Rocks Discovery Museum is a great place for kids to really brush up on the local history, and all the amazing events that happened right where they are standing!

And of course, if you’re looking into the history of Australia, kids should visit attractions which showcase the deep and rich cultural history of the Aboriginal tribes that have called this land home for generations. Places like the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Keeping Place  are a wealth of information about the traditions, art and lives of these amazing people.

Australia is FILLED with incredible historic attractions – from the architecture of the country towns, the old goals, homes of the iconic poets (like Banjo Patterson ) to those more infamous names (Heard of Ned Kelly?). So take the kids back in time and experience the stories that continue to be told in all the bricks, walls, and stones….and be part of that history!