In family entertainment terms, Queensland doesn’t skimp on the portions. We’ve got loads of things to do in almost every category: you’re practically spoilt for choice. But with so very much on offer, sometimes it’s nice to do something a bit… different!

Superbee Honeyworld Tours on the Gold Coast give a fascinating and educative insight into the life cycles and productivity of bees. It's a unique attraction suitable for all ages. There are unusual sights, sounds and smells that children will find completely fascinating.

The Cairns Wildlife Dome is a spectacular all-weather wildlife immersion exhibit, meaning the inhabitants roam free within the huge enclosure. The Cairns ZOOm Challenge Course puts visitors up into the trees and at eye height with the birds for the most exhilarating education you can get!

There are several major water play attractions but the WetSide Water Education Park is the only one to also offer educational options and hands on learning in the sustainable use of water. Besides which they have the TotSide jet fields for under 5s and the main interactive splash pad for bigger kids.

The Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk is a stable, high-tech steel structure enabling visitors to explore the tree canopies and gain low level aerial viewpoint over the lush landscape, with points of interest including rockpools and a tumbling creek, butterfly lookout, local history enclosure and sheltered rest areas along the way until reaching the Cantilever soaring 30 meters above the valley for some truly amazing views.

Racecentre is Australia's Most Advanced Racing Simulation Centre and one of only a handful available to the public so far in the whole world! You have the option to choose any car, from any track, worldwide, and so long as you can reach both the pedals and wheel simultaneously there is no lower age limit. Fair warning though: they expect you to take it seriously!

Zorbing at Ozball is a guaranteed to be like nothing you have ever experienced before! A giant, 3 meter inflated ball, round and very bouncy. You jump inside it, it rolls… and so do you! You have options: the Hydro rides are slower and you roll about freely with water in the ball with you plus you have the option of a second passenger; the Harness ride is much faster but you have the considerable comfort of being attached to the side!

And finally Infinity is unique: it's around 20 rooms of special effects, sound fields, multi sensual trickery and illusions. It's suitable for children over the age of 8, and will involve the whole family. Without spoiling the surprises, features include bending laser beams with your hands, growing and shrinking, crossing heights and visually impactful interactives. Amazing!