Enjoy history this Australia Day!


It’s nearly Australia Day, and it’s a great day for the whole family to get together and celebrate the great country we live in!

Australia Day comes around every year, on January 26th. It commemorates the first settlement at Port Jackson – now known as Sydney Harbour, all the way back in 1788.

It was actually Captain Arthur Phillip that led the First Fleet of 11 ships, all the way from Great Britain, and established the first penal colony in the country – now known as New South Wales!

Australia Day is a day to be proud to be living in such an amazing country – so why not celebrate!

Grab those Anzac biscuits, meat pies, lamingtons and pavlovas, and make the day a learning experience too. After all – there is lots of history to enjoy!

Across the country there are plenty of places to take the kids, that will really showcase the incredible history of Australia.

In NSW, the Rocks Discovery Museum can be found in a restored 1850s sandstone warehouse, and tells the fascinating story of the area from pre-European days, to the present, and Dawn Fraser Baths are the oldest pool in the country!

In Victoria, Sovereign Hill will take you back to the 1850s, where you can pan for gold, ride a horse-drawn carriage and relive the incredible Eureka Rebellion! If you visit Bendigo, you can jump on board the Vintage Talking Tram that will take you through 150 years of history.

In Tasmania, you can visit Port Arthur Historic Site , one of the most important historic sites in the state (and a great place for ghost tours today!), and you can visit the state’s first mining site at Coal Mines Historic Site . In Hobart, the Cascades Female Factory can tell you the story of all those thousands of female convicts that were taken to Tasmania as far back as the 1820s.

In Western Australia, Fremantle Prison gives you an insight into one of the most significant cultural attractions in the country, dating back to the early beginnings of the state itself, and Perth Mint is the country’s oldest operating Mint, established in 1899 in order to mint gold sovereigns for the impressive British Empire.

So why not make the day a special one, and really immerse yourself in the Australian history – one that is incredibly fascinating!

Don’t forget to pack the lamingtons – very important!

Have a great Australia Day!