Adventures and family fun can be found in all SORTS of places in Australia - from the beaches, to the parks, to all that indoor fun too!

But how about a little bit of adventure with a difference….in the OUTBACK! Way out in the centre of Australia there is a brilliant town called Alice Springs, and it’s a great base to get out and explore the heart of the country.

Don’t forget though, while you’re there make sure you spend some time exploring the town itself. There is SO much fun and adventure to be had, you might find yourself wanting to stay longer (unless you live there - you lucky ducks!)

Why not start off your Alice Springs adventure and see the town from a different perspective - up in the air! Outback Ballooning is an incredible experience where you can feel like a bird and see the WHOLE area from up above!

Alice Springs is also a geological wonder, with so much to explore and learn. That is why there are fun tours to experience - like Gemtree Fossicking Tour, where you can experience the thrill of finding your own gems that were created by mother nature! We can’t wait to hear all about what you find!

Did you know that Australia has some pretty cool, weird and wonderful creatures that call it home - often species that are unique to this amazing island. So why not get the kids learning all about these amazing animals! The Alice Springs Reptile Centre is one place where they can get face to face with over 100 reptiles - and if you’re brave you can enjoy some supervised handling too! Eeeek!

From the outside adventures to those who want a little bit of shade, Alice Springs has indoor fun too - like the very DUSTY sounding Dust Bowl Tenpin Centre (don’t let the name put you off though, it’s lovely and dust free on the inside!) 

Here, the whole family can enjoy the fun sport of tenpin bowling, in the comfort of air conditioning - and maybe get a little friendly competition in there at the same time!

From stunning gardens like the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens, culture and entertainment rolled into one at the fun didgeridoo shows of the Sounds of Starlight Theatre to the wonderfully fascinating and inspiring National Pioneer Womens Hall of Fame you can see already that Alice Springs is an oasis of family fun in the great Australia desert!

Don’t forget your sun screen!