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Wayne National Forest Nelsonville

Where is it at?

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Wayne National Forest
13700 US Highway 33
Tel: 740 373 9055

Where are we going today?

A family adventure in the forest? Why not! If you're in Ohio, we might have just the thing!

Wayne National Forest is located in the hills of SE Ohio, and is filled with wildlife, nature, and fun activities that will keep even those VERY active kids entertained!

The forest itself actually covers 250,000 acres of Appalachian foothills - that's a lot of forest to explore, we hope you're ready!

Active families will love the Wayne National Forest, because there are over 300 miles of trails perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and even all-terrain vehicle riding. If you're there in season you can even enjoy some horse back riding.

The forest is teeming with beautiful landscapes for the kids to explore. There are fishing lakes which you can enjoy, and rivers to explore.  If you have a boat, feel free to bring it along as there is a boat launch too.

Bring a picnic for lunch, as there are picnic areas perfect to just sit for a while enjoying each others company, and there are even campgrounds under the trees which you can use if you want to stretch your day out even longer. 

Occasionally too, Wayne National Forest has evens, like the "Arts In The Forest" exhibition which brought wildlife artists and potters to talk about their work and introduce kids to their incredible art. 

Wayne National Forest is just waiting to give your family an exciting and adventurous time in nature. What activity will you do first!? 


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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree!
  • ChildrenFree!

When can we go?

Trails for hiking open all year round. Trail open April 15 to Dec 15 for other activities

I'm Hungry!

Bring your own lunch and enjoy it for a picnic! There are picnic areas just for you, and you can make sure you have your family's favorites foods with you too.

Healthy Eating!

Make sure you bring bottled water with you to stay hydrated. .

Any Top Tips?

Be prepared for weather!.

Doing our bit

The parks and recreation do an incredible job keeping the park clean and safe for family's to enjoy, so help them out and pick up after yourselves and keep it clean. .

Need a little extra help?

There are open spaces, but just use your own discretion when going into some parts of the forest. Make sure you have someone with you at all times .

More information

Be careful of starting open fires - there is wildlife in the forest so keep an eye out for the rules. .

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    Needs to start renting out canoes again!!!! What happened to that??

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