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Topsey Exotic Ranch and Drive Thru Safari
Where are we going today?

Who's ready to go on safari!  You don't need to go all the way to Africa - just Topsey Exotic Ranch!

The lovely Texan climate is perfect for all the animals to keep them happy, and suited to keep families happy too! Enjoy the wildlife roaming nearby as you view them from the comfort and safety of your car.  Sometimes the animals might come right up to you! Just make sure you don't try and touch them - that's what the petting zoo is for!  Remember, even though they have sweet gentle faces, they are still wild animals.

What is the closest you have ever seen those cute black and white zebras that you always see on television in the plains of Africa?  You might get so close to those fur covered bison you might be able to smell them!  What can you see when you look into their eyes? 

Maybe you can imagine yourself deep in the forest when a family of deer troll past, or a cheeky monkey tries to get close to say hello!

If the kids do then want to spend some time petting animals, the petting zoo is the perfect place. A lot of the animals here are domestic, such as sweet little goats, the noisy cows, but they are still just as happy to see you and will love a nice patting!

The best time to visit is the late afternoon because the animals don't wander around as much when it's hot - so if you go around the middle of the day they might be sleeping or resting!

I'm hungry!

You can't eat the animal feed, but don't worry they have humans covered with the snack bar on site near the petting zoo that sells a range of hot and cold snacks, treats and drinks.

Are we there yet?

The animals are waiting for you just 10 miles north of Copperas Cove (near Killeen) at the intersection of fm 1113 and fm 580.

It's worth noting that the GPS can guide you to wrong location, sometimes up to 30 miles off course, so best call ahead to double check your directions and that your GPS has it correct.

Any Top Tips?

Don't forget to bring your camera!

Other Information?

Give them a call on days you are not sure about the weather and see if they are open.

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Please call Topsey Exotic Ranch and Drive Thru Safari before you set on your journey, to make sure it is open - we try our best to keep information on the website up to date, but it is always worth checking before you leave.

Also it may be worth clicking the link for Topsey Exotic Ranch and Drive Thru Safari website, so see if there are any special events or seasonal things to do that may be going on throughout the day.
Topsey Exotic Ranch and Drive Thru Safari
945 County Road 118
Copperas Cove TX 76522

Telephone: 254 547 3700
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Adult: $11

Child: $9 (Aged 3 - 12) - $1 for feed

Free entry for children under: 2 years.

Discount: Seniors $10


Gates open: April to August 9am - 6pm/ Sept to March 9am - 5pm

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