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Toddle Town A to Z Depew

Where is it at?

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Toddle Town A to Z
4779 Transit Road
Tel: 716 656 8800


Toddle Town A-Z are tucked up in the corner of the Transit French Plaza in Depew between Goodwill and MJ Peterson.

Where are we going today?

Attention all kids under 5 - we know of a bright, fun and colorful place which has been created just for YOU!  That's right - no big kids running around.  Just you, and a place FILLED with activities and toys perfect for your age.

Toddle Town A-Z offer a clean, safe and fun environment for kids up to 5 years old, and is filled to the brim with all the toys they could want!  Little tables dot the room covered in train sets, abacus, animals, trains, trucks. pretty colored dolls houses and impressive castles!

It's a place where they can use their creativity and imagine they are anywhere, and anyone! There are popular role play sets where kids can become a doctor, or a princess, or a very brave and strong firefighter!  There are fun rocker toys, and other activities where they can play, and learn, and feel - developing all those senses that are so important that this age.

They have ensured there are age appropriate toys for all age groups.  They also offer fun music classes which introduce kids to melodies, sounds and rhythm, and they also hold play groups and pre-school programs to develop their social and emotional skills - leading into problem solving and motor skills.  They will prepare your child for kindergarten and help you with any questions you may have.

Kids - you get to spend your day with books, and songs, and so many fun activities! If you have had such as great time, you can even hold your next birthday there! You can have doll houses, a fun preschool slide, or even dinosaurs  (dinosaurs - at a birthday party!)  They can provide the room and the pay toys, and you provide the rest! 

They have unlimited open play during the week too!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree
  • Children$8 unlimited play. $6 for a sibling
  • Free Under: Non walkers and adults.

When can we go?

Vary during the season. Summer hours Mon & Wed 9:30am - 1pm

Teachers corner

Toddle Town A-Z has a great Preschool program which focuses on the development of the whole child, while developing language, pre-academic skills, gross and fine motor skills, and problem solving - preparing them for Kindergarten! . They grow up so quickly! .

I'm Hungry!

Outside food is permitted so pack a lunch and stay the day!.

Any Top Tips?

They are a "shoe free" environment. Adults and children need to wear socks. If you forget, you can buy a pair at the check-in desk..

Doing our bit

Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap is readily available as they want to ensure a safe environment for kids! .

More information

They are a peanut free facility. If you bring in peanut butter, you will be politely asked to remove it from the facility. This policy is strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the children who play here. Safety first! .

What people are saying?

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    I am mixed on this facility. My 2 year old had a ton of fun. But I am concerned about the cleanliness/germyness of the toys. It's a great value if you want to stay the day, but my daughter only had about an hour of play in her.

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    EVERYTHING WAS A LITTLE OLD, A LITTLE BROKEN, A LITTLE DIRTY, A LITTLE OUTDATED which adds up to a lame experience. Sure, there are lots of toys there but I just didn't FEEL comfortable with my kid playing there...just a little too brokety for me.

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