The Whale Museum Friday Harbor

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The Whale Museum
62 First St
Friday Harbor
Tel: (360) 378-4710


The Whale Museum is located in downtown Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington. San Juan Island can be reached by ferry, by airplane or by private transportation. The museum is just three blocks from the ferry landing.

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Come and visit The Whale Museum.In the Gallery of Whales you'll learn about the natural history of marine mammals, with a special focus on the orcas of J, K and L pods living in the waters of the San Juan Islands. You'll find a fascinating collection of exhibits, artwork, models, and artifacts, including real whale skeletons and a family tree of the resident orcas. You can also listen to the "songs " of various species of whales in the Whale Phone Booth, and watch the free, 30-minute video on Pacific Northwest orcas, showing continuously.
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    Contrary to another poster, my wife and I found the Museum quite enjoyable. The issue isn't the morality of the whaling, but the historic value and interest of what took place. A small, but enjoyable place. Great for kids and adults.

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