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The Prairie Homestead Philip

Where is it at?

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The Prairie Homestead
21070 SD Hwy 240
Tel: 605 433-5400


Turn off of Interstate 90 at Exit 131, the entrance to the Badlands National Park. Stop at the unique Badlands Trading Post and new Amoco gas station, "Where the West still lives". It features gifts ranging from mounted buffalo heads and skulls to western designed T-shirts and a variety of lower priced items as well as food - from the famous Buffalo Hot Dogs and Ice Cream Cones, down to a candy bar. The Prairie Homestead is located just 2 miles south on Highway 240, the east entrance to the Badlands National Park.

Where are we going today?

There is such a fascinating history when it comes to the USA, and it's always exciting when you get to visit an authentic and original part of that history! The Prairie Homestead is one of those places!

Dating all the way back to 1909, it's actually an original sod home that once belonged to a couple called Mr and Mrs Brown. It's typical of what the outbuildings and homes that the pioneers built would have been like. So get ready to step back in time!

This particular Prairie Homestead, is also in fact one of the last remaining original sod homes that is still intact today. Of course, the homes played an important part in the lives of the pioneers, and the pioneers played an important part in the Great Plains settling, so you can see how important these dwellings are today!

Mr. and Mrs Brown were like most of the pioneers. They came out to the look for land where they could find and live their dreams. It's a great place for kids because they can really use their imagination as to what these people would have been like, and felt as they searched for their future.

Did you know that the living conditions in the early 1900s, weren't very different to the conditions that the pioneers 200 years earlier endured on the east coast? It's pretty amazing when you think about it! But, pioneers were strong people, and they were happy that they had a home. (Lots of lessons for the kids to learn when they visit!)

Enjoy the Prairie Homestead with one of their interpretive walking tours, and even dress in Early Pioneer attire if you want! FUN! 

History is ready and waiting for you to experience it! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$7
  • Children$6 (ages 10 - 17)
  • Free Under: 9 years

When can we go?

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Teachers corner

They offer group rates so bring the students down to really learn about the Early Pioneers!.

I'm Hungry!

There are snacks and drinks available for those rumbling tummies.

Healthy Eating!

Why not bring some bottled water to make sure you stay hydrated! .

Any Top Tips?

Don't forget your camera! .

Doing our bit

They have really preserved this amazing part of USA history, and allow everyone to continue it's story.

Need a little extra help?

The area is remodeled and has a handicapped accessible visitor center and rest rooms.

Can I get one of those?

There of course is a gift shop! Save those pennies because you will find some pretty cool, historic and educational items!.

More information

The homestead has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places! .

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    This is not a good place to live. I had a family member living there. Management will nickel and dime you to death. Residents are asked to buy the chairs in the dining room, and even contribuite to employee bonuses at christmas time. Hope you have a big pocketbook! There is a big turn over of staff. They dont treat there employees very well.

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