The Creation Museum Petersberg

Where is it at?

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The Creation Museum
2800 Bullittsburg Church Road
Tel: 888 582 4253

Where are we going today?

With children playing and dinosaurs roaming near Eden's Rivers, and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden itself, the Bible really has come to life at the Creation Museum.

This Kentucky museum is 75,000 sq feet that brings the pages of the Bible to life. Not only are the characters and animals that are found on the pages placed in familiar settings, but there is also a host of other fun activities for the kids to enjoy!

First, let's explore the exhibits! There are so many great places to explore. Did you know that they have a world class dinosaur skeleton? Yep! The Allosaurus calls the Creation Museum home, and is one of the best preserved Allosaurus skulls ever preserved - pretty cool!

Kids can gain an understainding of other cultures with Chinese artwork, or they can get among the creepy crawlies that can be found! Did you know one insect actually weighs almost half a pound? Eek!

Kids can see exhibits of the past, with coal mines, fossil displays, and even a dinosaur skeleton under excavation. They also have exhibits detailing why we have different views about our origins. 

Of course, there are exhibits about the Bible too, from Adam and Eve's creation, to the great flood, voyage of the ark, and kids can discover what natural selection can do!

But exhibits are not the only thing in the Creation Museum! There is a Planetarium for all those stargazers, a petting zoo with sweet animals to give kids a great animal encounter, and even camel rides!

With workshops and events, and a botanical garden to enjoy, there is SO much for the whole family at this fascinating museum.


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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$29.95
  • Children$15.95 (Ages 5 to 12)
  • Free Under: 5 years.

When can we go?

10am - 6pm weekdays / 9am - 6pm Sat / 1pm - 6pm Sun

Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Teachers corner

Engage and challenge your class or youth group by planning a visit to the Creation Museum, where thousands of students like yours have received answers to the tough questions that they face in today’s culture. They can also enjoy high-quality planetarium shows, stop by the petting zoo, enjoy interactive workshops and even go for a ride on Gomer the camel!.

I'm Hungry!

Noah's Cafe is the place to go if those tummies are rumbling! There are burgers, sandwiches, meal deals and even pizzas!.

Healthy Eating!

The cafe sells salads, as well as gluten-free and vegetarian options, so there are plenty of healthy choices for you.

Any Top Tips?

Your admission gets you 2 consecutive days admission!.

Doing our bit

They have exhibits that cover both sides of the story, so kids can learn about both the human world and Gods world, and make a decision for themselves.

Need a little extra help?

The museum is wheelchair accessible, and they have wheelchairs available for rent if needed.

Baby Facilities

There is a family restroom on the lower level, and a nursing mothers room on a limited based (contact staff for this). There are changing tables in both restrooms throughout.

Can I get one of those?

You can pick up some great gifts in the medieval themed bookstore, with gifts, toys and books!.

More information

The zip line hours vary throughout the year so check before you go. The petting zoo opens 30 minutes after regular opening hours too.

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    I love the fact that it gave you two points of views and did not say either was right or wrong. But, rather this is what we believe and this is what science says. It was thought provoking and beautifully done!

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