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Where are we going today?

Have you ever wanted to go to Africa, and drive through those iconic parks like Kruger where there are just animals everywhere you look?  Exotic, beautiful animals that you have never seen in real life before? 

Well, Tennessee Safari Park is bringing Africa (and the rest of the world) to you!  There are over 1000 animals that represent over 100 different species - including those that are rare and engendered. 

As you drive, you will encounter deer, wildebeest, emu, ostrich, antelope, and seasonally bison as you enjoy the 2.5 miles of track!  And what's even more exciting - you can wind down your window and feed them!  Have you ever hand fed a bison? Make sure you use their special feed though - their tummies are different from yours and ours and they don't really like twinkies or chocolate! 

Once you are feeling you need to stretch your legs, you can head to the Walk Thru Zoo where you experience scaly reptiles, exotic birds and funny looking amphibians, as well as mammals!  You can chat to the animal ambassadors, and even hand feed Jerry!  What's Jerry you ask?  A donkey?  A sheep?  Nope - a giraffe!  You might be the first person in your class to hand feed a real giraffe! 

There are super cute pygmy goats and llamas in the petting zoo that you can interact with and if you're lucky you might see some baby animals around!

The safari park is much more than a zoo - it's a place where animals can roam naturally and not worry about being in a small enclosure.

I'm hungry!

Feel free to take your own picnic lunch!

Doing our bit!

The park have a long history with breeding rare and endangered animals. They have bred zebra, bison, and antelope, and always expanding. Some of the animals are not always on display for their own wellbeing, but it just means they are being looked after.

Teachers Corner

Students love to learn about biology and wildlife on their field trips. The park really want to spread the message about conservation, and so students get discounted rates and a guided tour!

Are we there yet?

If you are coming from Jackson, take exit 79 off the I-40 towards Alamo. After 16 miles, take a left onto Conley Road. Follow this road until you reach the park entrance. If you are coming off the I-55, take exit 412 an turn right onto Conley Dr.

Other Information?

Why not have your party there! They have a Zoo-It-Yourself party package for you!

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Please call Tennessee Safari Park before you set on your journey, to make sure it is open - we try our best to keep information on the website up to date, but it is always worth checking before you leave.

Also it may be worth clicking the link for Tennessee Safari Park website, so see if there are any special events or seasonal things to do that may be going on throughout the day.
Tennessee Safari Park
637 Conley Road
Alamo TN 38001

Telephone: 731 696 4423
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Adult: $12

Child: $8


Open From: The park is open 7 days a week from early spring until late fall.

Gates open: Mon to Sat 10am to 5pm; Sun 12pm to 5pm.

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