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Sterling Hill Mining Museum
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Sterling Hill offers Public Mine Tours for individuals and families according to their seasonal schedule. Guided tours last about two hours and include one hour in the underground zinc mine, half an hour in the large exhibit hall, and about 10 minutes in the museum of fluorescence.

In the Museum of Fluorescence minerals piled on open ore cars, with longwave ultraviolet lamps suspended above invite visitors to touch glowing minerals in the process of fluorescing. Many visitors discover that they themselves fluoresce, and that fingernails and teeth glow particularly brightly, often to disturbing effect. Handsome men, beautiful women, and cute children transform into ghastly creatures in this exhibit, they guarantee it, so talk to the kids about it before you go in!

Visitors are welcome to view their outdoor exhibits of mining equipment on the parking-lot level on their ownm but the mines can only be toured with a guide.

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The museum features indoor as well as outdoor sheltered picnic tables, modern restroom facilities, a snack bar, and a fully stocked gift shop.

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Complete set of directions from everywhere on their site.

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Please note that regardless of the weather or season it is a cool 56° in the mine, so make sure you bring with you a light jacket or sweater, even in summer. Sturdy footwear is also advisable. While in the mine you will be walking on a hard-packed gravel surface.

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Please call Sterling Hill Mining Museum before you set on your journey, to make sure it is open - we try our best to keep information on the website up to date, but it is always worth checking before you leave.

Also it may be worth clicking the link for Sterling Hill Mining Museum website, so see if there are any special events or seasonal things to do that may be going on throughout the day.
Sterling Hill Mining Museum
30 Plant Street Entrance on Passaic Ave
Ogdensburg NJ 07439

Telephone: 973 209 7212
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Adult: $10

Child: $8 for under 12s


Gates open: Check out their site for seasonal timetables.

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