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Sterling Hill Mining Museum
Where are we going today?

Sterling Hill Mining Museum digs deep into the world of mining, with tours for families and their kids to really immerse themselves in this geological mystery!

Once the Sterling Hill zinc mine, it now offers two hour tours (including one hour deep into the earth!) and exposes you to the Museum of Fluorescence gives you a "glow in the dark" experience as you are surrounded by all the fluorescent materials that can be found down there!  You get to travel in a super fun open ore car, and suspended above you are long wave ultraviolet lamps which are actually fluorescing the materials!  You can even do it to yourself - perhaps you want glow in the dark teeth or nails!?  

Get ready to transform yourself into a super hero!  (Little kids might be a bit unnerved so make sure you have a word with them about what is about to happen before you enter!)

Your tour also gets you to the main part of the mine, and a visit to the exhibit halls packed with items and gadgets you might have never seen before!  Can you guess what they would all be used for?  You can also explore the extensive outdoor displays of mining machinery - can you imagine having to use all of that every day?  It's hard work!

Kids can also get their geology hat on in the Rock Discovery Center where they can dig for 6 different types of rock - and anything they uncover they get to keep!  In the digging mood, there is the Fossil Discovery Center where they can also look for relics of the past.  What do you think they all would have been back when they existed on the earth?

From the underground to the universe, those star gazers can attend their monthly night viewings in the Astronomical Observatory!  Can you see all the craters on the moon?  Maybe you can even spot Mars!

They also offer birthday parties if you wanted to celebrate your big day in a really cool and unique way! 

Can you dig it?! 

I'm hungry!

There are indoor and sheltered outdoor picnic tables for you to enjoy your own lunch, as well as a snack bar.

Teachers Corner

They have fascinating education programs covering topics like geology and mineralogy. They provide programs for teachers of grades 3 - 12, both on and off site. Make sure you have a chat with them on what you need so they can help!

Can I have one of those?

Of course there is a gift shop! Allow time at the end to see what cool gems you can pick up!

I need a little extra help!

All areas of the mine your have been designed for easy access. The entrance is on flat, concrete pavement. Visitors then have a long, gentle decline. Ramps are available in other areas, as well as handicapped accessible restrooms.

Any Top Tips?

Regardless of the weather it is a cool 56° in the mine, so make sure you bring with you a light jacket or sweater! even in summer. Sturdy footwear is also a good idea.

Other Information?

You need to be part of a guided tour for the mines, but feel free to view the outdoor exhibits on the parking lot level on your own.

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Please call Sterling Hill Mining Museum before you set on your journey, to make sure it is open - we try our best to keep information on the website up to date, but it is always worth checking before you leave.

Also it may be worth clicking the link for Sterling Hill Mining Museum website, so see if there are any special events or seasonal things to do that may be going on throughout the day.
Sterling Hill Mining Museum
30 Plant Street
Ogdensburg NJ 07439

Telephone: 973 209 7212
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Adult: $11

Child: $8 (Ages 4 - 12). Fossil discovery $4.50 / Rock Discovery $4

Free entry for children under: 3

Discount: Seniors $10


Open From: July to October. Fossil Discovery May - November. Rock Discovery Center April - October.

Gates open: Museum Store 10am - 3pm daily. Tours 10am & 1pm daily July and August / Tours 1pm daily Sept & Oct,

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