Stafford Air and Space Museum Weatherford

Where is it at?

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Stafford Air and Space Museum
3000 East Logan Rd
Tel: 580-772-5871


If you are traveling on Interstate 40, take Exit 84. Follow the postcards signs to the museum which is on Route 66. You will see a camouflage Phantom F-4 Jet on Route 66. That is the entrance to our museum!

Where are we going today?

Space: The Final Frontier - are you ready to boldly go where many, many families have been before? We sure are! At the Stafford Air and Space Museum in Oklahoma, you can explore one of the most comprehensive collections of space artifacts, and learn all about the explorations into that HUGE universe all around you!

The Stafford Air and Space Museum is 40,000 sq ft of exhibits, each of which showcase the history and future of space exploration, as well as teach kids all about the amazing achievements of those who made it all happen. 

With over 3,000 artifacts on display, there certainly is a lot for the kids to experience. Kids can learn all about the Wright Brothers, as they look at the Wright Glider and Flyer 1 and think about how it all started. Right with those flyers! Pretty amazing!

The Spirit of St. Louis will inspire, and the replica of the Hindenburg will amaze - think of all the history behind these objects! You can come face to face with a sidewinder missile, or read all about the Thermonuclear Bomb. That's not even starting on the US Air Force Trainer and the F4 Phantom.

That's not even starting on the SPACE exhibits! If there was ever a place to see and learn about teh Sputnik, or the Explorer 1, this is it! Kids can look at a Mission Control Console, or touch an F1 Rocket Engine.

From Lunar Modules, to a real space suit and even the Apollo X Lunar Module checklist, they will be blown away by the out of this world exhibits!

If your kids love aviation, then the Stafford Air and Space Museum is certainly for them!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$7
  • Children$2
  • Free Under: 5 years

When can we go?

9am - 5pm Mon - Sat / 1pm - 5pm Sun

Closed Thanksgiving, New Years Day and Christmas Days

I'm Hungry!

Weatherford has several fun yummy places to eat so grab something before you arrive! There are diners, BBQ, grills and burgers - so those tummies won't be rumbling for long! .

Any Top Tips?

Bring your camera! .

Need a little extra help?

Speak to staff about the accessibility of the museum - they will be happy to help!.

Can I get one of those?

We sell T-shirts, Lollyplush lollipops, Astronaut Teddy Bears and Monkeys, unique Route 66 keepsakes, vintage toys, collectible tin signs, and so much more! .

More information

Active Duty or Veteran military can visit for FREE between Memorial and Labor Day!.

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    My son (who is 2 years old) loves this museum! He loves the airplanes and the rockets & the he can even walk right up to it and touch it! This museum has a moon rock, General Stafford's FLOWN Apollo X spacesuit, an F-1 engine & so much more! MUST SEE

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