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Snow Pond Cruises
97 Rocky Shore Lane
Tel: 207-314-3520


Your exact departure location will be given to you when you make your booking, but Messalonskee Lake (Snow Pond) is just 5 1/2 miles from I-95 in Waterville and 18 miles from I-95 in Augusta.

You can also drive to the Snowdrifter II's home port just 5 1/2 miles from I-95 at 97 Rocky Shore Lane Oakland, Maine

Where are we going today?

Get those captain hats on - it's Snow Pond Cruises time!  And yes, those hats will come in handy because kids can even DRIVE THE BOATS! How amazing is that!

Snow Pond Cruises will take you across Messalonskee Lake (which, cool fact, is the deepest in the chain of the seven lakes in the area!)  Snow Pond was also created by a gigantic continental collision millions of years ago, so it's a pretty awesome area to be learning about!

To get a taste of the cruises, check out the 1 hour "Getting To Know Messalonskee Cruise", where you might even spot a North American Bald Eagle in it's natural habitat! Get up to speed on the history of the Belgrade Lakes, and just relax!

The two hour cruise gives yu a bit more of an experience if you are really loving the idea of getting out into nature. You will travel over the deepest parts of the lake, visit "Rock Island", and even the New England Music Camp! It's a great insight into the challenges of the lakes inhabitants too.

Craving history? Then check out the 3 hour educational cruise! Get out into the farthest reaches of the lake, and experience first hand some of natures doings, and efforts to save the lake. You might even be lucky to spot one of the 12 nesting sites in the entire state for the Black Tern!

Aye Aye Captain - there’s lots of family fun to be had with Snow Pond Cruises! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsTours from $18.75 per person (minimum of 4 people)
  • ChildrenTours from $18.75
  • Free Under: 10 years old with a parent

When can we go?

Cruises from morning sunrise trips to sunset cruises.

May 1st to October 1st

Teachers corner

Have your kids ever wanted to be a Captain? Then they can join the Captain's "Junior Associate Captain" team, where they can learn all about the nautical terms needed to be a Captain, and really get to know the instruments that are used, and they can even steer the vessel for a bit! (Under the watchful eye of the Captain or First Mate, of course!)

They can even get a certificate afterwards!

Teachers, if you have a particular curriculum topic you want to look into, just give them a call! .

I'm Hungry!

Food and beverages are not provided however pizza, sandwiches and of course the famous "Korner Store" lobster rolls are available and can be delivered to the Snowdrifter II with very little notice. Pretty tasty stuff!.

Healthy Eating!

Make sure you bring plenty of water!.

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you bring sunglasses, camera, rain gear, sun hat, sunscreen, and binoculars! .

Doing our bit

The crew works every day to protects the beautiful environment, and their mission is making memories while families enjoy a safe and educational outdoor experience!.

Need a little extra help?

The Snowdrifter II is not ADA compliant but access from a dock is a walk on or easy carry on. Children's wheelchairs need to be 26" or less to be rolled onboard. Walking customers have handicap rails to use when stepping onboard at our home port. There is ample room on the deck for a couple of wheelchairs if necessary..

Baby Facilities

Infant life jackets are provided - safety first! It's mandatory for those kids over 10 years old. .

Can I get one of those?

Qualifying juniors will receive an official Junior Associate Captain Certificate, signed by the Captain and First Mate along with a Junior Captain rope bracelet and a "Good Job" Life Jacket sticker. There will be many photo opportunities during the experience too!.

More information

There aren't any bathrooms onboard but they are never far away.

What people are saying?

  • "a wonderful time on Snow Pond!"

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    Today our family had the pleasure of spending time with Captain Gary Bennett on his Snow Pond cruise. Three of our grandchildren were awarded the junior captain award, complete with music, applause, and certificates. Everyone clapped and cheered. The kids loved it!! Plus which Capn Gary told us so many stories of the lake that interested us all! This is a special experience for all ages---

  • "Great Time!!"

    by on

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    My family had such a wonderful time on our Snow Pond Cruise! We will definitely be cruising with Captain Gary this summer as well! The kids loved driving the boat and were talking about it long after our Maine vacation was over. The boat felt very safe, and the ride was smooth and comfortable.
    During our cruise, our young daughter had tossed her glasses overboard and they went right to the bottom! After we docked, Captain Gary went out with goggles and fins and found them for us!! Highly recommend Snow Pond Cruises!!

  • "amazing time"

    by on

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    In July of 2014 we were able to take advantage of the Captain"JAC" program at Snow Pond Cruises. My kids had a blast. Captain Gary and first mate Brenda gave my kids a great and memorable experience. Thank you Snow Pond Cruises.
    Chris Manchester CT

  • "a fun family cruise!"

    by on

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    5. 5

    Last summer our family went out on Lake Messalonskee with the captain of Snow Pond Cruises and had a great time! Two of our granddaughters were thrilled to be able to pilot the beautiful boat and received their awards as amateur captains.

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