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6655 Arapahoe Road
Tel: 720-308-4503

Where are we going today?

If you just LOVE skiing, then you might just want to visit Shredder, located in Boulder.

This year round ski and sports gym is a great way for kids and the family to learn those essential skills when it comes to having a great time out on the snow.

If you want to just practice your skills, both the parents and children can enjoy time on the snow. You don't need your own boots and skis either, as they are available to rent right there!

It's during this time you can just move at your own pace, and own level. Great for beginners, or advanced who just want private time to improve their techniques.

For those mini skiiers from 10 mths to 2.5 years, the Yeti School is a great parent/child class that focuses on strength training and balance, as well as serving as a great introduction to the various sports.

For those kiddies who want to really get stuck into the world of skiing and snowboard, the ski and snowboard schools are the best way for them to learn! Parents can stay and watch as their kids are introduced to all the fundamentals that it takes to be a real future champion!

Freestyle lessons are also available for those who aren't quite comfortable trying out their features in front of a crowd. The staff can work with your schedule and give you a great lesson to build that confidence, which means you will be out on that slope in no time!

So why not enjoy year round skiing fun at Shredder? We think it's time to hit the slopes! Are you ready?

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$15 for open session
  • ChildrenSame as adult

When can we go?

Times vary across the season so check

Year round

I'm Hungry!

Make sure you grab some food before you arrive to fill those active tummies! You will need the energy!.

Healthy Eating!

It's worth keeping bottled water in your bag to stay hydrated.

Any Top Tips?

Why not have your birthday party at the center! They have a great packges and fun extras to make your day super special.

Doing our bit

They have trained instructors to help the whole family, all ages and levels have the safest experience possible.

Need a little extra help?

You do need to be able to hold yourself up to ski or snowboard. If you have any questions just speak to staff.

Can I get one of those?

They have sweet Shredder merchandise to buy such as wristbands, t-shirts and lanyards!.

More information

Make sure you sign a waiver before you start.

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