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Rocksome Gardens Arcola

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Rocksome Gardens
Rockome Gardens
Tel: 800-549-7625


Rockome Gardens are located 6 miles south of Chesterville and 4 miles east of Arcola, Illinois.

Where are we going today?

Rockome Gardens are well known in central Illinois as a family tourist attraction and Amish theme park. The park entertainments are low-key, such as a horse-drawn carriage ride down to the river, or watching park staff husk corn with antique farm equipment.
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Conditions: Chance of Rain
Temp: 66° F / 19° C
Humidity: 82 %
Wind: NNW - 8 MPH


Conditions: Chance of Rain
Temp: 70° F / 21° C
Humidity: 72 %
Wind: NNE - 13 MPH


Conditions: Thunderstorm
Temp: 67° F / 19° C
Humidity: 82 %
Wind: NNE - 9 MPH

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