Reno County Museum Hutchinson

Where is it at?

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Reno County Museum
100 S Walnut
Tel: 620-662-1184


Find the heart of Reno at 100 S. Walnut St, Ave A & Walnut, in Hutchinson, Kansas. There's no place like Hutchinson!

Where are we going today?

Why is Reno County such a great place to live?  Is it....because of its really fascinating history? Is it......because of the unique and interesting people that used to live there long before you?  It is....the interesting heritage?  If you answered "all of the above" - you did a pretty good job!

Reno County Museum features five exhibit galleries where you can learn all about Reno, the people that used to live there, how they lived, what their culture was like, and their rich traditions and heritages - some which have continued to this day, and some that haven't.

There is a fascinating and informative research library where you can read about the past, and also see images (see if you can recognize anything!)

There is also Oodleplex - a fun and creative children's play area where encourages kids to use their imaginations! Oodleplex is based on traditional and interesting pioneer themes, where kids can play and create in the one room school house, a fun costume shop, a general store, a fascinating Native American setting and lots of other really fun set ups to create and imagine in. This area is geared towards kids aged 2 - 10 years of age.

Keep an eye out for some fun programs that are held across the year too, including the super delicious annual Ice Cream Social, all the way through to more formal education programs. 

The exhibitions are often temporary so there will always be an excuse to go back!


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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsDonations welcome
  • Children$1 to visit the Oodleplex. Exhibits still free with donations welcome

When can we go?

Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed Sunday and Monday

Teachers corner

They have educational programs designed to engage adults AND kids! Topics include history of Reno County, Toys & Games, and the Women of Reno, to name a few!.

I'm Hungry!

Why not grab something in the area, there are plenty of options!.

Any Top Tips?

Have your kids birthday party here! They will be happy to accommodate. You will have great access to the Oodleplex, however do note it will remain open to the public for that time. .

Need a little extra help?

All of the galleries are handicapped accessible, and both stories of the museum have elevator access, so everyone can easily visit!.

More information

Oodleplex is open during normal business hours, but it closes at 4:45pm every business day..

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    Used to take my son here sometimes when he was little. He loved it.

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