Quail Run Ostrich Ranch Lake Hughes

Where is it at?

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Quail Run Ostrich Ranch
4420 N Shaffer Road
Lake Hughes
Tel: 661 724 1592


They are located in Pine Canyon just a few miles west of Lake Hughes

Where are we going today?

Are you excited to have a day out surrounded by your new friends - the ostriches? We are too!

Quail Run Ostrich Ranch is ALL about these sweet and unusual creatures. It's not only a great place for kids to learn all about the ostrich, from their life cycles to the HUGE eggs they create, but it's also a place where kids can feed them too!

At Quail Run Ostrich Ranch, there are guided tours available where you can ask any questions you like about the ostrich and your experience, as their friendly staff are on hand to make your day extra special.

The "Bonding Area" is where kids can actually feed the ostriches with special food. In fact there is an area where older kids and adults can experience them, and a special area just for smaller kids which also has wheelchair access.

They really have thought of everything!

Don't miss the photo opportunities too, as the whole family can get in front of the green screen and have your picture taken "wrangling" an ostrich, or perhaps hatching out of the ostrich egg - how much fun does that sound!?

Quail Run Ostrich Ranch in sunny California, is also a great place to try out some pretty cool ostrich products, from lotions to shampoos. Even decorated eggs!

So if you just LOVE animals, and want a unique and fun day out with the family, then Quail Run Ostrich Farm might just be what you're looking for!

Say hello to your new friends from us!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$5 Tour and Feed
  • ChildrenSame as adult

When can we go?

10am - 4pm Fri to Mon

April 1 to Oct 31. By appt only Nov 1 to March 31

Teachers corner

They have great educational tours which really give them an insight into these beautiful creatures. Learning fun outside the classroom! They offer discounts for schools.

I'm Hungry!

It's always a great idea to pack healthy snacks and water with you, but make sure you don't feed the ostriches unless it's their special feed!.

Healthy Eating!

They have a picnic area and playground in the works where you will be able to enjoy your own tasty lunches!.

Any Top Tips?

Weekends and subject to special events so check out the diary on their site before you go to check!.

Need a little extra help?

They have a special feeding area perfect for wheelchairs. If you have any more questions just speak to the lovely staff when you arrive.

Can I get one of those?

They sell products such as ostrich meat and organic produce and eggs at the ranch, as well as oils, lotions, soaps and even feather dusters!.

More information

They have a great outdoor event site with gardens, waterfalls and rock bridges that you can hire!.

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    Very friendly staff and the tour was great! I learned so much, and feeding the ostriches was a blast.

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