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Pirates Cove Childrens Theme Park Elk Grove Village

Where is it at?

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Pirates Cove Childrens Theme Park
901 Leicester Road
Elk Grove Village
Tel: 847 437 9494


Located at 901 Leicester Road, if you are coming from I-290, take exit 4 and head east about 1/2 a mile to Leicester Road and turn right. The park entrance will be on your left side.

Where are we going today?

Do you think if X marks the spot of fun, there would be a big X over Pirates’ Cove Children’s Theme Park? We think there might be! This theme park is a buried treasure of fun for kids! It's been designed to encourage and stimulate the imagination and exploration of kids aged between 1 year old and 9 - all great experiences for developing their motor skills, social skills, coordination and independence!

Why not start the day on your very own Pirate Ship! Arrrr it be ready to sail the seas it will! This 18th century replica of a pirate ship is fun for little kids, where the upper deck lets them look out over the entire park, and they can even enjoy a tasty meal from the concession there! Below the deck is the Galley where arts and crafts await them! 

If you are having your birthday party at the Pirates Cove Children's Theme Park, the upper deck is where you will be celebrating in Pirate Style!

For a bit of classic amusement fun, the carousel is popular with the 22 hand-painted horses, all the way from the 1950s! Knock Knock...who's there? King Arthur? Oh great! We must be at the Castle of Camelot! This fun playground area is great for kids to slide down from the towers, and try and escape with Misty the Smoke Breathing Dragon!

Midday already? How times flies! You are just in time then for the Fun Stage, where there are daily performances from 12pm, or perhaps they want to let loose and get bouncing! On the Jolly Roger Jump they can go as high as they can!

Feeling hot? Then head over to the paddle boats where they can cruise and splash their way through Pebble Pond, or get their captains hat on and take to the mini trains.

There really is something for all kids at the Pirate Cove Children's Theme Park! It's a fun day of Pirate adventure just for them! Arrrr it be fun! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree
  • Children$11
  • Free Under: 1 year.

When can we go?

Usually 10am - 4pm (12pm - 4pm Sundays) but times vary on the holiday or month. Check before you go

May through September.

Teachers corner

This park is designed to stimulate and encourage the creative exploration and imagination of kids ages 2 to 9 so it's a great place for students to come and learn and develop! .

I'm Hungry!

Rocco Vinos Concessions provide refreshments so you won't have to have fun on an empty stomach! You can also bring in your own food if you like! .

Healthy Eating!

The menu includes salads, juice, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so there are healthy options just for you. .

Any Top Tips?

Why not celebrate the next big birthday with castles, dragons, and pirates - what a very cool birthday! Give them a call for more details..

Need a little extra help?

There are not only disabled toilets, but the whole park is completely ADA compliant. Pretty awesome! .

Baby Facilities

They can warm up milk, and there is a baby changing facility there too. .

Can I get one of those?

Inside the park there is sunscreen and pirate novelties available for you to pick up! .

More information

There are some fun children's programs across the year, from egg hunts to crazy camps - make sure you check out the options as they are always very fun! .

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    Great place for kids, went many times when I was younger

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