Old McDonalds Farm Sackets Harbor

Where is it at?

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Old McDonalds Farm
14471 County Route 145
North Harbor Rd
Sackets Harbor
Tel: 315 583 5737

Where are we going today?

Old McDonald may have had a farm, but it certainly wouldn't have been as HUGE as Old McDonald's Farm in New York!

This amazing farm has over 1,000 animals for kids to experience and walk among, as well as fun attractions and rides! In fact, there is actually 6,000 acres to explore! 

Old McDonald's Farm introduced kids to agriculture (it still is a working farm after all!), and gives them fun hands-on experiences - from hand feeding the HUGE beef cows, to walking among the very cute goats.

If you visit Sheepville you can pet their very friendly and soft sheep. How fun does that sound!? 

It's even a great place for those little ones to enjoy their first pony ride!

There are Reindeers in the Reindeer Ranch, very strange looking Emus, and Robbins Rocking Ranch which is home to miniature horses, donkeys, and regular horses.

But this is so much more than a farm!

Old McDonald also has a Bunny Trail with Peter Rabbit, a dairy tour, TWO inflatable adventure playgrounds for those active little ones, and even The Wizard Of Oz hayrides where you can visit your favorite characters along the way! 

Golf at a farm? Why not! There is mini golf for mini people where those curious kids can try and get that hole in one! Good luck!

See, we told you Old McDonald's Farm in New York was more than just the three bags of wool that you know and love from that nursery rhyme. Enjoy the farm for REAL now!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$10
  • Children$8 (Ages 1 to 13)

When can we go?

Hours vary on the season so check!

Open Spring, summer and fall.

Teachers corner

There are school group packages available so why not bring them along for a great day outside the classroom! A great rate for $6 per person ($8 in summer).

I'm Hungry!

Lazy Cow Cafe has a full menu - from pizzas to grilled cheese - and they have ice cream too!.

Any Top Tips?

Pony rides, hay rides, dairy tour and animal feed are all available at a modest additional charge..

Need a little extra help?

All of the attractions are ADA accessible except the Wizard of Oz Hayride. .

Can I get one of those?

The Visitor Center has a gift shop willed with fun toys, games, and animal related items! They also have great produce for you to take home. .

More information

Each season brings it's own fun activities so check what's on - it's worth going back!.

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Humidity: 71 %
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