North Carolina Aquarium Fort Fisher Kure Beach

Where is it at?

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North Carolina Aquarium Fort Fisher
900 Loggerhead Road
Kure Beach
Tel: 910-458-6812


Get on down to 900 Loggerhead Road in Kure Beach!

Where are we going today?

Have you ever looked out across that big ocean of ours and thought "I wonder what is underneath there?"

At North Carolina Aquariums in Fort Fisher, they will show you! They also give you an insight into the weird and wonderful creatures that are native to the North Carolina area - pretty cool huh!

The aquarium wants to make sure that every kid that passes through its doors gains a greater understanding of other creatures that we share this planet with, but that we don't often see.

They have daily programs which are appropriate for all ages and give kids an opportunity to learn about these marine environments, and see these wonderful creatures up close! They have a chance to interact with the staff too, so they can ask any questions they like! The programs are available on a first come-first served basis so when you arrive, best have a look what is on, and ensure you plan your time wisely.  You don't want to miss out!

Dialog with a Diver is a fascinating experience - wait...you can talk to a diver when underwater? No way! 

The Observe Aquariums divers are part of the 235,000 gallon Cape Fear Shoals exhibit where they spend their days swimming with eels, rays and even sharks! (Not many people can say that about their job!)

The divers can answer ANY of your questions about the inhabitants, all the while submerged 20 feet! Not something you can say you did every day!

The Creature Feature area gives the whole family and opportunity to learn about selected animals up close, without having to view through a tank. Crab,s rays, alligators and turtles are all lively encounters you can enjoy. Yes - alligators!

Have a fun dress up experience in Ocean Odyssey where you can dress up like a shark! Why not! You can also test your Aquarium knowledge and touch a turtle shell. Is it what you imagined it would feel like?

And of course, they also have daily animal feedings at 11am and 3pm where the friendly staff will give kids an insight into the animals feeding patterns, and their diet. There are different animals every day so make sure you check whats on!

Are you ready to take an underwater adventure!? 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$10.95 (ages 13 - 61)
  • Children$8.95 (ages 3 - 12)
  • Free Under: 2 and NC Aquarium Society members

When can we go?

9am - 5pm / 7 days a week

Year round but closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

Teachers corner

Field trips are a great way for kids to learn about these marine animals and the North Carolina environment! NC schools get free admission so make sure you register early!.

I'm Hungry!

Watch out - Shark! No wait, it's just the SharkBites snack bar. Phew! They are just outside the gift shop and they offer a variety of food and drink daily in March to September, and on weekends Oct and nov. Closed Dec - Feb. There are also vending machines located inside the aquarium. .

Any Top Tips?

If you visit in April or May, you will probably be sharing your experience with a lot of young visitors! .

Doing our bit

They are always researching and collecting data to keep these beautiful areas beautiful for the future!.

More information

Most visitors tour the aquarium is about two hours, but if you ant to participate in programs like searching for relics or the gift shop, allow more time!.

What people are saying?

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    We planned a weekday trip to the aquarium during February to avoid the summer crowds.

    Overall we were very pleased with what they had to offer. Inside they do a real nice job of finding the middle ground between good-for-kids and good-for-adults.

    I loved that they had real live people at some of the exhibits to talk with.

    Although the cold, blustery weather kept us from staying outside too long, the outdoor exploration area also looked like it would be a lot of fun in warmer weather.

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    We went on a rainy day, so it was extremely busy. That aside, I was slightly disappointed with the lack of opened area fish tanks. Everything seemed windowed off.

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    Definitely (and perfectly) kid oriented. You can touch [dirty] Nurse Sharks and Horseshoe Crabs. Well, worth the time if you were tricked into going to see the battleship.

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    Not a huge aquarium, but lots of fun for 1.5-2 hours. At only $8 adult / $6 kid it was well worth the cost. Very kid friendly with losts of floor to ceiling exhibits for easy viewing.

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    Admissions a little high but the kids ( ages11,7,5) loved it!!

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