Niagara Aerospace Museum Niagara Falls

Where is it at?

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Niagara Aerospace Museum
9900 Porter Road
Niagara Falls International Airport
Niagara Falls
Tel: 716-297-1323


When you get to Nigara Falls International Airport, enter at the intersection of Niagara Falls Blvd and Williams Road. Head counterclockwise and follow the arrows to the museum.

Where are we going today?

For all those kids who LOVE planes, and rockets, and love learning about the history of them all, this might just be the place for them!

Niagara Aerospace Museum has been collecting and preserving artifacts and pieces that have been integral parts of aerospace history.

Some of the amazing pieces that kids can walk round and look at, include a Bell P-39 Airacobra which actually saw combat in Russia (That's pretty far away!) and the first US commercially licensed helicopter! How amazing is that!

Love films? Yes - it's all related when you have the Bell Rocket Bel which was made famous in the James Bond movie "Thunderball" (Kids - ask your parents!)

There are test engines which were used to blast those brave astronauts off to the surface of the moon, and there is the actual control panel that was used by a mission controller during those famous Apollo moon missions!

There are SO many things for kids to see here! They can imagine they are astronauts themselves, or brave fighter pilots as they admire the premier WWI trainer aircraft for the entire country.

Historic photos also help kids place these collections out in the action.

All of the collections at the Niagara Aerospace Museum give kids a really insight into the rich history, as well as the incredible technological advances that have been made over the years.

It’s a fascinating day out for all of those kids and families who have an interest in these very cool historical artifacts that have had such an influence in our aerospace history.

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$8
  • Children$3 (ages 5 - 15)
  • Free Under: 5

When can we go?

11am - 4pm

Wed to Sunday

Teachers corner

Group tours are available by booking ahead! .

Any Top Tips?

Sometimes they have fun events, like remote controlled aircraft building courses! .

Can I get one of those?

Kids - make sure you visit the gift shop and check out the aviation books, models and art all for sale! .

What people are saying?

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    We visited the Aerospace Museum yesterday and were very favorably impressed. Our tour guide was excellent and informed us fully about the area's many contributions to aviation history. He also gave a detailed explanation about how helicopters work and showed some of our contributions to the space program. We also saw the remains of the Bell P-39 that was retrieved from the bottom of a lake in Russia. I highly recommend a visit to anyone interested in aviation.

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    Is a great museum. They simply need to expand. This is a new location for them. They used to be in a four story building in downtown niagra falls. That place was bought out and thus most of their stuff is in storage at the old bell plant. It is still cool though.

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