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Natural Bridge Caverns San Antonio

Where is it at?

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Natural Bridge Caverns
26495 Natural Bridge Cavern Road
San Antonio
Tel: 210 651 6101


Natural Bridge Caverns is located 30 minutes north of downtown San Antonio, eight miles west of I-35 at exit #175, Natural Bridge Caverns Road/F.M.3009.

Where are we going today?

Who says adventure has to be ABOVE the ground....why not go under!

Natural Bridge Caverns is an amazing feat of nature in San Antonio, that offers a number of tours so you can explore them, and them some additional above ground fun because...well why not!

Each tour offers you something different, so you can really pick the one that is best for your family. The Discovery Tour lets you experience huge, impressive formations that were formed by single drops of water over millions of years. Impressive, huh!?

Then there is the Hidden Passages Tour, where you can see shadows dance over those beautiful and delicate formations....a very mysterious adventure!

Ever wanted to know what it might be like to actual discover a cave, where electricity doesn't exist? While most tours take you on a lit excursion, the Lantern Tour gives you a whole new perspective!

Don't forget about the above ground fun at Natural Bridge Caverns either (and great for those who are a bit nervous to head deep underground!)

Adventure waits high up in the skies with the Canopy Challenge, where you have to take on a vertical obstacle course and zip line adventure, or kids can try their hand at trying to find their own gems and minerals when they pan at the Mining Company!

Love discovering new things? The AMAZEn' Ranch Roundup is a 5,000 square foot outdoor maze that will challenge even the best of adventurers!

Don't forget to check out Shops of Discovery Village either, with gifts, treats and lots more exploring to do!

Natural wonders await in Texas with Natural Bridge Caverns...if you dare!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsTours from $20.99
  • ChildrenTours from $12.99

When can we go?

Tours depart at various times so check. Other activities 9am/10am open.

Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Years Day

I'm Hungry!

They have hand-dipped ice cream, candy, drinks, and a cafe with pizza, burgers and chips (to name a few!) if you are getting peckish!.

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you go into the caves.

Doing our bit

Not only have they created tours where they can preserve this natural beauty for all to see, but they have created great family fun too!.

Need a little extra help?

Some of the outside activities are accessible, but the tours have stairs. Speak to them before you visit if you are unsure .

Can I get one of those?

There are shops in Discovery Village which have fun gifts and souvenirs, as well as items on the caves themselves.

More information

All of the activities are priced individually, so you can keep it to budget easily!.

What people are saying?

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    We did the Discovery Tour. It had some steep slopes where I slid a little. I had dressed warm because other caves require it. It was 72 degrees with 99% humidity and I was carrying a 2 year-old every step of the way, so I was dressed a little too warm. My wife and I had been before and last year we took the kids to Mammoth Cave so while we loved it, only the 2 year old was really amazed.

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    Great experience. only personal downfall was having a 5 year old who needed to use the bathroom almost the whole time so we had to rush. I think it was a bit pricey. would have liked some kind of markers telling you how far we had to go. There was a HUGE hold up at the picture station we had to stand crowded for awhile till pictures were done. Will probably do it again.

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    Visit date: 09/20/2014
    I bough the "Discovery Tour", and it was beautiful. I think it is a little expensive at $20 specially because the tour is just about 35 minutes, and that is why I don't give it 5 stars. I would definitely recommend Natural Bridge Caverns.

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    Absolutely awesome me n my girl had a blast. (8♡) they r very curdious n understanding. #greatstaff

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    Great facilities, friendly and helpful staff. The caverns themselves are a marvel. We took our six-year-old and all of us were equally blown away.

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