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My Gym San Jose Santa Clara

Where is it at?

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My Gym San Jose
1171 Homestead Road
Santa Clara
Tel: 408-279-9700


If you live close, you could even jog there! All exercise is great! Just head to 1171 Homestead Road (this used to be the San Jose gym but they have moved). See - moving is good!

Where are we going today?

It's so important to stay healthy and active, and best of all - it's fun!

My Gym offer unique classes that will enhance strength and improve co-ordination kids.  The programs are non-competitive, so they can really go at their own pace with the exciting games, music, gymnastics and dance that is offered.

The gym classes are age-appropriate and structured for kids aged as young as 6 weeks, to 9 years old.  They have super modern equipment that can be resized so any child can get the most out of it!

The Little Bundles are perfect for the super teenie 6 weeks to 6 months, where they begin their first visual and audial explorations!  This class is as much for the parents, with the teachers guiding you through the program that will introduce them to music and movement.

From 2 - 2.5 years the Gymster classes cover spatial awareness and teaching them to focus for longer periods of time.  Singing, dancing, playing - even puppet shows!  Classes constantly change so they are always introduced to new steps and new activities.

classes designed to enhance strength and coordination as well as building social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Our non-competitive programs are jam-packed with exciting games, relays, gymnastics, music, dance and most of all fun!

All Star Sports are perfect for 4 - 7 year olds where kids will be empowered as their confidence soars!  Baseball, hockey, basketball...skills will be learnt over a 4 week curriculum and they really see their skills developing.

There are 11 classes in total, as well as fun event nights such as camps and parents night outs.  There are even martial arts classes!

Don't forget about their birthday parties!  You will be busy!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsOnetime mebership $50. Classes $77.50 mth, Birthdays $350

When can we go?

Schedules vary for the classes so check with the center when you know which class you want!

Any Top Tips?

You can hold your birthday parties here! They will look after set up, decorations, favors...and fun! There is also free play offered at the gym for the whole family. .

More information

You can try a free class to see if you enjoy it before signing up to membership! Membership will allow you to use any My Gym across the country!.

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    We had a wonderful BD party here. Much better then PumpItUp and etc.

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    Large space, great instructors, well maintained! Keep on the good job

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