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Michigan's Adventure Muskegon

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Michigan's Adventure
4750 Whitehall Rd
Tel: 231 766-3377

Where are we going today?

Here's a little quiz - what do you think is Michigan's LARGEST water park AND amusement park? If you said Michigan's Adventure - you'd be right!

Michigan's Adventure is filled with thrill rides, crazy roller coaster, gentler family rides and rides for those super little ones in the family. 

Have you ever heard of a roller coaster that is half a mile out, then half a mile back? No? We would like to introduce you to Shivering Timbers! This is the LONGEST and FASTEST wooden coaster in the entire state, and it can reach speeds of 65mph with breath taking drops and stomach lifting lifts. It's quite a thril!

Then there's the Thunderhawk, the suspended steel coaster that simulates flight with heights of up to 120 feet. You even get a 90 degree vertical climb, and barrel rolls all at speeds of 50pmh. Gulp!

There are plenty of other coasters to keep you on your toes, but we'll leave them a secret for when you arrive!

If they are TOO scary, there are other rides you can get your thrills on. Spin round in the air on the Flying Trapeze, or challenge each other to those classic dodgem cars. If you want to make a splash, check out the Grand Rapids where you and your whole family can get soaked as you make your way through drops, rocks, and waterfalls. 

Have you ever experienced a 180 foot free fall? If not, head on over to RipCord because that is something you might just want to experience!

Don't forget that Michigan's Adventure has a host of family and kids rides too, including those classic Ferris Wheels, Frog Hopper and the charming carousel. See, we told you there was something for everyone!

We haven't even begun to tell you about WildWater Adventure with lazy rivers, drenching buckets, and super speedy slides!

Michigan's Adventure really is the largest theme and water park in the state - and when you experience it you will feel it too! 


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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsCheck cost when season starts
  • ChildrenCheck cost when season starts

When can we go?

Hours vary on the day and month

May to September for both parks

Teachers corner

They have many options for schools! You can make the park an interactive classroom and you get discounts on your admission!.

I'm Hungry!

There are plenty of dining options! From BBQ, beach bites, burgers and fries, you certainly won't be going hungry!.

Any Top Tips?

Why not have a birthday part at the park! They will do everything, from setting up to cleaning up so you just have to worry about what package you want to get, and how much fun you're going to have!.

Doing our bit

They have safety in mind all the time, so they have some height restrictions on some rides just to keep you safe and happy.

Need a little extra help?

When you arrive, speak to Guest Services as they can help you with your rides. They offer the Boarding Pass Program, service animals are also welcome.

Can I get one of those?

You can hire a cabana if you want some extra privacy for your day at the water park! .

More information

You can pick up a limited fast lane pass so you can spend more time riding than queueing! .

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