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Logging Camp Dude Ranch Bowman

Where is it at?

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Logging Camp Dude Ranch
5705 151st Ave SW
Tel: 701 279 5501

Where are we going today?

North Dakota is a true frontier state, and what better way to celebrate it than with an experience on a real life dude ranch! 

Logging Camp Dude Ranch has been giving families an amazing outdoor experience for four generations - so you know you're in great hands! Everyone who stays will get to experience first hand, what it's like to be part of a real life dude ranch on the plains!

The kids can experience the numerous ranch activities, where they can get out and explore nature, and experience the great outdoors. There are hiking trails that the whole family can get out on, which is great to get those kids active!

You couldn't have a dude ranch without horses, so of course there are horse rides for everyone! Get out and explore the amazing surroundings, and connect with those beautiful animals!

There is amazing wildlife int he area, and it's a great educational experience for them too, because they will learn all about geology and biology. Win win for everyone!

If you want to extend your stay, and really immerse yourself in the ranch, then why not stay there! Logging Camp Dude Ranch offer camping, as well as cozy cabins for you to bed down on! 

Have you got those 4 legged family members that you want to bring along? We're not talking dogs - we're talking horses! The dude ranch have horse corrals for them to have as their accommodation too, with water and plenty of room for the horse trailers, so you can really have a full personal family experience - horses and all! 

It's not just the dude ranch that you can explore either. There are great day trips to other destinations to other national parks, if you do decide to spend a little more time at the ranch.

A true frontier experience for the family! Yee haw! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFull ranch experience and lodging $180
  • ChildrenFull ranch experience and lodging $120 - $140

When can we go?

All year round.

I'm Hungry!

Meals are $40 adults and $5 / $20 for kids if you don't have it as part of our package. .

Healthy Eating!

It's all amazingly healthy food! You're in nature! .

Any Top Tips?

Keep an eye out for the ranch activities like branding, that you can be part of! .

Doing our bit

They want to ensure they give you the best time during your stay, so ask them anything and they will try and help! .

Need a little extra help?

Check with them about wheelchair accessibility at the ranch. .

More information

Check if they have day rate specials if you don't want to stay over night .

What people are saying?

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    Ich war vielleicht der erste 'Tourist' in diesem wunderschönen Landstrich.
    Einheimische sind manchmal etwas wortkarg.

    Ihre Wurzeln liegen im kalten europäischen Norden, Die Menschen hier heißten HanSON und NIelSON und manche von ihnen sprechen ein seltsames Deutsch, das ich in den Osten - ein wenig nach Sachsen legen möchte. Schwer zu verstehen.

    Aber nicht unmöglich.

    Weit ist hier das Land und man beginnt ein wenig zu verstehen, waurm hier Menschen blieben. Tina

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