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Lincoln Park Chicago

Where is it at?

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Lincoln Park
500-5700 N. Lake Shore Drive Irving Park and Recreation Drive
Tel: 312 742-7726

Where are we going today?

Lincoln Park in Chicago is one of the most popular places for families to visit - and when you visit, you will see why!

This HUGE park is right along the lakefront of the stunning Lake Michigan, and features a host of things to do, as well as great attractions.

Inside the park itself there is the famous Lincoln Park Zoo, museums, and even an archery range! There are also great statues that you can explore, including one of Abraham Lincoln!

After all - who else do you think the park was named after!

Kids, you will love the fact that Lincoln Park has FIVE playground! Yep! Watch out for the one with the super fun water feature too. So as well as tons of green space for kids to run around, there are plenty of places to crawl, hide, swing and jump!

If you have active kids, then you might want to take them to the baseball diamonds, or basketball hoops. A great way to spend the day out in the sun!

There is a fitness course, which could be fun for the whole family to try out, as well as football/soccer areas. 

There are some great experiences for kids to explore nature and wildlife too within Lincoln Park. There are community gardens, as well as a migratory bird sanctuary. Wildlife can be found in the beach areas too. 

There is a lily pool, a pond sanctuary, as well as a flower garden and rowing lagoon!

So why not visit this park in Chicago that is so much MORE than a park! It's a true family day out!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree!
  • ChildrenFree!

When can we go?

6am - 11pm

All year round

I'm Hungry!

There are a host of places to grab food within the park, from tacos to burgers!.

Healthy Eating!

It's always a great idea to take bottled water with you to stay hydrated, or why not bring your own picnic!.

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you wear hats and sunscreen in the summer!.

Doing our bit

The park look after all of the equipment and parkspace so families can enjoy it. Help them out by keeping it clean too!.

Need a little extra help?

Areas of the park are accessible. Speak to staff about specific attractions if you have questions..

More information

Keep an eye out for programs and events happening throughout the year!.

What people are saying?

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    If you want to spend time at the park, this is a great place to do it. You have access to a zoo, a conservatory, a pond, a baseball field and several statues. On the paths you'll see many people jogging and family spending time at the various venues. As far as park goes, you'll find a good variety of trees and scenery enough to keep you entertained throughout your walk. You can find food, restrooms in the zoo and a water fountain on the center west side of the park.

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    Open during the winter!!? Amazing center and can't wait to come back during the summer. The staff was very knowledgable and friendly and has some great treats to give to the guests.

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    We had our wedding ceremony at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool and I can't say enough about the beauty of the lily pool and Lincoln Park in general. Lincoln Park is a city gem and I'm constantly impressed by the care of the park. The North Pond Nature Boardwalk is a lovely recent addition and the Lincoln Park Zoo has to be one of the best free attractions in the city.

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    It is not the most beautiful park ever, but it is wide and offers a number of nice spots to just lay down on the grass and relax. It is also a good place to bike, and it is just near the lake. Nearby are the Lily Pond, wich is a must see, and the zoo, and it also has some other ponds that are worth the visit.

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    Love this place, and how easy it is to get to. The guy behind the counter is really awesome and I love having long talks with him when picking up my pizza. Better than not being able to change toppings at other places.

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