Lincoln Childrens Zoo Lincoln

Where is it at?

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Lincoln Childrens Zoo
1222 S 27th Street
Tel: 402.475.6741

Where are we going today?

Why spend all that time and money traveling around the world to see all the different animals our planet has, when you can just visit Lincoln Children's Zoo - where the animals of the world come to you!

Lincoln Children's Zoo is where kids can explore over 350 animals up-close and personal, and have amazing animal encounters. Not only that, they can meet over 40 animals that are on the endangered list, which means they get an invaluable education too as they learn all about why we should be protecting them!

Are you excited to hear all about the animals at Lincoln Children's Zoo? Perhaps you might be looking to meet your favorites, such as the Llama, or Galapagos Tortoise, or the Dromedary Camel? Or perhaps you might be looking to meet creatures you have never heard of before, such as the White-Handed Gibbon, or the Fossa!

Let's not forget about those creatures in the Animal Kingdom section, where you can watch the cheeky Panther Chameleon at work, or the adorable Golden Lion Tamarin play! Are you feeling brave? Then head on over to look at the Boas, Pythons, and even Tarantula!

Don't miss a trip to the aviary too, where those colorful birds are waiting, from the Snowy Egret to the Scarlet Ibis. Even the names sound pretty!

Think the Lincoln Children's Zoo is JUST about the animals? Nope! Did you know that kids can actually enjoy horse rides at the zoo, as well as a train ride? Choo Choo - sounds amazing!

So are you ready for a WILD time in Nebraska's capital, where the animals are waiting for you, and the fun has already started!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$9.95
  • Children$8.95 (Ages 2-12). Train ride $2.75. Horse ride $4.25
  • Free Under: 12 months

When can we go?

10am - 5pm daily. 8pm close Wednesdays June - Aug

March to October

Teachers corner

They have the WILDEST school trips in the area! Just bring 30 or more students for a full day of exploring and learning! They have some great programs for you. If you have under 30 students, just shoot them an email.

I'm Hungry!

The Safari Cafe has hot and cold meals as well as snacks where you can re-fuel before heading out again for more animal fun! From grilled items, gourmet sandwiches, pizzas and even ice cream!.

Healthy Eating!

You can bring in food and snacks that don't require heating. No coolers larger than a personal handbag size..

Any Top Tips?

As soon as you arrive, check out what animal shows are on so you can plan your day around them!.

Need a little extra help?

Wheelchairs are available on a first come basis!.

Baby Facilities

Strollers are available to rent for $5 + tax.

Can I get one of those?

Bring that pocket money because Treetops Toys is where you can pick up some animal-related fun and gifts!.

More information

The train and horse rides are available during the regular opening hours.

What people are saying?

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    Awesome luv it

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    This is a small but very nice zoo
    It's a shame the PC nazis have struck here too and forced the removal of Bible verses. That said it's well worth the price to get in & they have a lovely gift shop
    Overall I'd give it a 9 put of 10 the size is too small for 10. Good eats @ good prices and made fresh to order. :-)

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    My kids love this zoo. The train ride is the icing on the cake (great conductors!) and Boo At The Zoo in October is safe, well-organized Halloween fun.

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    Small zoo. Worth half-price that I receive from having my Omaha zoo membership.

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