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Lil Mississippi Golf Hampton Hampton

Where is it at?

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Lil Mississippi Golf Hampton
303 South State Ave
Tel: 309 755-1212


They are located on Illinoise Route 84 (Great River Road) which is on the Hampton / East Moline border. They also have ample parking!

Where are we going today?

Get out and test those golfing skills with Lil Mississippi Golf Hampton! They have a brand new course with a very challenging Par 48 layout with some really fun obstacles!

The course is designed for kids, but adults that's not to say you won't be challenged too!

There have a number of elevation changes, as well as three splash ponds and an incredibly large waterfall!

Think the name is a giveaway? Yep - the mighty Mississippi might just even run through the course! They have also landscaped the area beautifully with plants and flowers across the course, making a pretty area to spend a few hours.

Parents - you up for a challenge? Ready? If you get a hole in one, you get a prize no matter what! (Kids, this goes for you too!) If you get a hole in one on the 18th hole you get a free game back at the Lil Mississippi Golf!

Fancy something fun in between golf rounds? Water Wars! Water Wars is a fun water balloon game where you try and elude the projectiles that are coming down on you! (Don;t worry, they are soft and safe!). You'll be in your fort trying to catapult water balloons at the opposition. Wild and wacky fun!

A fun way to shoot those balloons and mom and dad! Maybe they might even get you first!

Lil Mississippi Golf also have Bankshot Basketball, which doesn't require a lot of athletic ability (but that doesn't mean it's easy!)

Over 18 stations players score points while trying to make baskets off the specially designed backboards. No running, jumping or dribbling (Unless that's just the hunger thinking about the tasty hot dogs and nachos they sell!)

Birthday parties also available! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsBefore 6pm $5 / After 6pm $5.50
  • ChildrenBefore 6pm $4 / 4.50. After 6pm $4;50 / $5

When can we go?

Summer hours: 11:30am open. Mon - Thurs 8pm close / Fri & Sat 9pm close / Sun 7pm close. Spring & fa

Mid April to end of October. Dates fluctuate.

I'm Hungry!

They is a concession stand with nachos, hot dogs, snacks, ice creams and other yummies just for you! .

Any Top Tips?

Recommended for kids over 3, but kids under 8 need to be accompanied by an adult. .

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