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Lets play Laser tag Santa Rosa

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Lets play Laser tag
439 Alderbrook Dr
Santa Rosa
Tel: 707-578-1140


We bring the fun to you

Where are we going today?

Laser tag is an outdoor team sport much like paintball but without the bruises or the messy paint. The guns use infrared, just like your TV remote control this allows the guns to be used in full daylight. The players’ gun shoots an invisible and harmless beam to an opponents gun. There are realistic sound effects. The sensors detect when a player has been hit and light up.

How does a party work?

Our staff(s) will arrive at your party (and stays for the whole party) about 45 min to an hour before hand to evaluate your playing field. If needed they will set up inflatable(s) and use your natural barriers for the best playing field. At the start of your party our staff(s) will go over how the laser tag guns work, then everyone plays a simple game to get used to how the guns work. Then our staff(s) will explain at start of each laser tag game the rules and you play. Laser tag is easy to play and lots of fun for everyone.

Where can we play?

We bring the fun to you! Our mobile outdoor laser tag system allows us to bring the game to you. If you are thinking about a birthday party, corporate event, team training or just can't get enough laser tag, call us today and let us bring the most realistic laser tag game to you. Imagine your very own battlefield in your backyard or business area. Battlefields can be built at your event site (Video), whether that at your home, your parking lot at work, a local park, church, neighborhood common areas, and so much more.

We play in Sonoma and Marin County. Visit our website or give us a call for more information.

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How much does it cost?

  • Adultsprice start as low as $240
  • Childrenn/a
  • Free Under: n/a

When can we go?

9am - 8pm

7 days a week

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    This place is actually in Newark, not in santa rosa

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