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Le Play Cafe Bellmore

Where is it at?

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Le Play Cafe
2465 Merrick rd
Tel: 516 308 7053

Where are we going today?

Le Play Cafe welcomes kids under 6 years and their families.

Features in this spacious facility include roleplay marketplace, some really terrific dress up rails and stage area, construction zone and a large area for toddlers and smaller.

There are also physical play options with classics like slides and balls plus toddle cars and parents are welcome to involve themselves with their own kids in the play area.

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree
  • Children$8

When can we go?

Generally 10am to 5pm weekdays; 10am to 2pm weekends BUT it varies according to bookings.

What people are saying?

  • "Great for the little ones"

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    This is a family run place that my daughter had a lot of fun at. There are many different "stations" to go to a play. I like that I can work on my computer and still see her over the half wall at the same time. She had enough at about 4 yr old tho.

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