Klickety Klack Railroad Wolfeboro Falls

Where is it at?

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Klickety Klack Railroad
8 Elm Street
Junctions of Routes 28-109 and 109A
Wolfeboro Falls
Tel: 603 569-5384


Choo choo! Nearly there! Provided you are close to 8 Elm Street. You will find these on the junctions of Routes 28-109 and 109A in the very cool named Wolfeboro Falls, NH. 03896. You GPS might show 03894, so just make sure you hit Elm Street in Wolfeboro Falls when you select it.

Where are we going today?

Klickety-Klack! Klickety-Klack! Toot Toot!  What's that?  Why, it must be the sound of the 28 trains that operate automatically, 150 fun locomotives and buttons you can use to actually operate more than 70 trains!  You can be the driver!

Klickety-Klack Railroad is more than a museum - it will allow kids to really immerse themselves in the world of make believe.

They can be in control of these brilliantly modelled trains as they glide over bridges and chug their way through the tunnels.

There is over 1500 feet of track, 15 tunnels, 20 bridges, 350 automobiles, 30 well as 1000 lights that actually illuminate the people as they wander the streets.  The models are beautifully crafted, and kids will just love wandering around looking at all the detail that has been put into it.  See the lights, watch the smoke, hear the sounds....its a fully immersive experience. 

Where else could you visit a zoo, castle, circus, city, beach, ocean, lighthouse, rivers and granite quarry all in the same place!?

There is even a great historic piece of downtown Wolfboro as it was over a century ago!  (That's a really long time!  A century means 100 years!)

Want to ring some church bells?  Turn on a TV camera?  Puff smoke from a steamship?  Perhaps turn on some fun and colorful circus rides?  Here you can!  You imagination can run wild as your hands touch, feel, push and play. 

Get that conductor hat ready!

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When can we go?

Thurs - Sundays 10am - 5pm.

All year around. Closed Monday - Wednesdays

Need a little extra help?

Get your wheels in motion! The ground level entry allows for handicap access .

Can I get one of those?

Of course there is a shop! In a cool place like this? There is an extensive collection for hobbyists and people who, well really just love trains! They have model trains, antique train memorabilia, much to choose from!.

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    Small little shop and museum. Fun for kids and Adults alike.

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