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Katy Trail State Park Columbia

Where is it at?

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Katy Trail State Park
5901 South Hwy. 163
Tel: 800-334-6946

Where are we going today?

It's all about the great outdoors with Katy Trail State Park! This piece of Missouri wilderness is actually one of the longest rail-to-trails in the entire USA! 

Outdoors AND history - we have you covered there too! Some of the sections of the Katy Trail State Park are actually part of the Lewis & Clark Historic Trail (and we know you've heard of them!), as well as the American Discovery Trail.

The majority of the trail follows the beautiful northern bank of that iconic river known as the Missouri River, and is great for those families who LOVE a little outdoor activities!

Grab those running shoes and go for a hike, a jog or a walk with the family and just spend quality time with each other. If you have a bike or two then grab those as well! The trail is perfect for cycling along, breathing in that fresh Missouri air!

Want a challenge? Maybe you want to try and head across the ENTIRE trail! You certainly will be up for a challenge, because the trail takes 5 days to cycle across it (and will take you across most of the state!)  There's certainly enough on the trail to keep you entertained - from shady areas to relax and talk, to hiking through open fields, and exploring the charming communities along the way. 

So if you and the family want to explore the great outdoors in the amazing state of Missouri, then the Katy Trail State Park might just be for you! Whether it’s an hour hike, or taking on that 5 day extravaganza, it’s certainly going to be a interesting family day out for you! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree!
  • ChildrenFree!

When can we go?

Sunrise to Sunset

All year round

I'm Hungry!

The great outdoors is your oyster! Take a picnic lunch, or even breakfast, and enjoy it wherever you like on the banks of the Missouri River!.

Healthy Eating!

Always stay hydrated and pack those bottles of water! .

Any Top Tips?

Keep a check before you head out for any warnings - floods or closures. .

Doing our bit

The state park is looked after and needs to stay lovely for future families, so pick up after yourself and keep it clean! .

Need a little extra help?

There are certain parts of the trail that is accessible for wheelchairs, so just check before you go! .

Can I get one of those?

If you mean the lovely flowers, it's best you don't have them - they are so much more prettier and happy in the ground! .

More information

They use the mile marker system so you can always keep track of where abouts you are! .

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    Great place to sit down for some food or a soda.

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