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Kansas Barbed Wire Museum La Crosse

Where is it at?

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Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
120 W. 1st Street
La Crosse
Tel: 620 624-5263

Where are we going today?

Did you think that you could ever find a museum JUST about barbed wire? Well, head to Kansas, and you can!

The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is dedicated to the American history and legend of what is often referred to as "Devil's Rope". Here, you can look at over 2400 varieties of barbed wire (did you think there was so many?), including historic samples from the late 1800s! How amazing!

First, let's set the scene! Picture Kansas, when there was nothing but vast open range, where those native bison roamed free. Then, the settlers come in - how will they define their territory?

Well, a few years later, an invention called barbed wire grew into a multi-million dollar industry. This simple invention could protect anything from small family gardens to huge prairie lands.

The invention actually made numerous important contributions to western history, and now, you can read all about it at the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum!

The museum actually presents this story in an interesting way, that can captivate the kids with one of the midwest's most important contributions to US history.

There is the Barbed Wire Hall of Fame, and archives room, dioramas, educational films, and lots of artifacts to really paint this historic picture. 

So are you excited to learn all about barbed wire? We certainly are, because it's fascinating!

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree! Donations requested
  • ChildrenFree!

When can we go?

10am - 4:30pm Mon - Sat / 1pm - 4:30pm Sun

Open daily May 1 - Labor Day

Teachers corner

They love having groups, and can accommodate most sizes. There's no admission fee, but they request an honoarium for guided tours, and are happy to arrange guest speakers for that programs you need!.

I'm Hungry!

There are options nearby, so why not grab something before or after your visit!.

Any Top Tips?

It's worth allowing a couple of hours to really read everything, because the exhibits are really quite indepth!.

Need a little extra help?

Just give them a call if you want to check the accessibility of any of the exhibitions!.

Can I get one of those?

The Memorial Gift Shop has a range of unique gift items including toys, shirts, souvenirs, and handmade items too!.

More information

You can learn all about collecting barbed wire! A great hobby if you love it.

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