International Womens Air and Space Museum Cleveland

Where is it at?

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International Womens Air and Space Museum
Burke Lakefront Airport
Room 165
Tel: 216-623-1111


The museum is in the terminal building of Burke Lakefront Airport, which is right on Lake Erie.

Parking is $6, and if you turn left into the first driveway past the USS Cod, then into the municipal parking lot on the right, you can park there.

Where are we going today?

The International Women's Air & Space Museum is a fascinating and inspirational experience for kids to realise they can do anything they want! It's especially great for any daughters where they can see the power than women can have in areas that are often considered a "male" role.

The museum looks at the roles that women have played in aviation and space in the past, and also looks at the future and where the industry is headed, and those who are leading it.

Learn about the first woman to orbit the earth (here's a hint - she was Russian and it was in 1963!). However, even as early as 1961 there were 13 American women in training to be astronauts - and it was these women who pioneered women to be able to fully take part in the space program today!

Kids can also learn about the Wright Brothers sister, she was a "silent" factor in an incredibly historic and life changing event!

The museum is great for kids, and even offer kids group tours for a minimum of 6 kids. Your children and their friends can get their hands busy with paper airline making, a super fun scavenger hunt and fun space related activities!

If you fancy some fun events to attend, the International Women's Air & Space Museum hold super fun family friendly activities, such as a winter themed "Night At The Museum" where you can enjoy pizza, drinks, goodie bags, coloring pages and fun winter crafts. Or perhaps a tasty pancake breakfast and book sale!

The International Women’s Air & Space Museum is not just a museum - it’s a family friendly experience with a ton of fun activities for kids! But it helps that they will learn a lot during their time there too (we know parents LOVE that!)

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When can we go?

10am - 4pm weekdays

Closed most major holidays except Labor Day

Teachers corner

The museum is a great learning experience for kids. Give them a call and see how they can accommodate your field trip. A invaluable education! .

Any Top Tips?

Whilst the museum is free, some of the events do have a charge so just make sure you check before you book!.

Can I get one of those?

Of course there is a shop! Books, DVDs, clothing, and great gifts to take home to remind you of your experience are waiting for you! Great to keep the education going once at home. .

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    Interesting information but kind of boring. Not really for me but I went with my sis-n-law.

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