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Historic Point Basse Nekoosa

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Historic Point Basse
300 Wakely Road
Tel: 715 886-4202

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There are many interesting historic attractions that you can experience as you have your days out across the USA, and one of them happens to be Historic Point Basse!

Historic Point Basse is a fascinating Wisconsin day out where you can go back in time to a place where settlers came to an area that was once a Native American trail, to start a new life! 

Did you know that Point Basse is actually the French term for "low point" or "shallows." For thousands of years, the Native Americans who lived in the area had a trail that ran east and west across Wisconsin, from Lake Poygan to the impressive Black River Falls.

Then in 1837 a couple named Robert and Mary Wakley, as well as their two young sons, arrived in the area in search of their dream. Here, they began their new life as they built an inn, a warehouse, and of course a home for themselves. (The most important!)

All but one of the buildings and houses that they built disappeared over the years, but luckily that one building is at Historic Pointe Basse for you to look at!

Also at this historic day out attraction is a one-room school house as well as an authentic log cabin - both of what were donated so families just like you can experience what life was like as a settler in the area.

It's also a great insight into the Wakely family themselves - how does their lives compare with yours today!

A fascinating and educational day out at Historic Pointe Basse. Live the life of a pioneer! 

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Scheduled group tours only

Teachers corner

The area will open for group which are perfect for schools! They can put programs together for you .

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Why not bring your own lunch to enjoy through the day?.

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If you love the history of the area, they are always looking for volunteers to help out! .

Doing our bit

The area is dedicated to preserving the history of the family and all that has happened on this land..

Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, just give them a call to see what they can help you with! .

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