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Hatch River Expeditions
5348 East Burris Lane
Tel: 800 856-8966


When you select your tour you will find out your meeting place and times. It will normally be the Marble Canyon airstrip or the Bright Angel Lodge.

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Love adventure? We might have just the thing!

Not only is the Grand Canyon and incredible place to visit looking from above, but how about exploring the mighty river below? Amazing! Hatch River Expeditions has a number of adventurous tours which are perfect for all experience levels, and all family members. 

Want to travel the entire 188 miles on a motorized whitewater raft? Just say when! Would you rather drift casually along at the pace of the river itself, making your way with nothing but your own strength and oars to get you to your destination? What an incredibly eye-opening experience for kids!

There are four types of Grand Canyon expeditions. The motorized white water rafting take you on an incredible voyage through the canyon where you can focus on the canyon and all the amazing sites around you. They range from 4 days to 8 days, which let you relax every night as you camp under the stars!

The oar-powered white water rafting give you that tranquility you might be after, and give you guides who do all the rowing for you!  These trips range from 7 days to 12 days.

The kayak expeditions, and even a Grand Canyon hiking expeditions, are also available are are at least a week long to really give you an insight into the incredible majesty of the Grand Canyon!

Although more than a family day out, Hatch River Expeditions gives you a family adventure out! Kids will see the Grand Canyon from a whole new point of view, and families can spend a week in nature bonding and spending valuable time together. An unforgettable experience.

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Tour times vary

I'm Hungry!

The food on the trips are incredible! Juicy steaks, or grilled salmon, or perhaps a huge Mexican feast! The morning is yummy bacon and cereals and eggs! .

Healthy Eating!

If you have special dietary requirements, make sure you mention before hand and they'll do their best to accommodate. .

Any Top Tips?

Make sure you reserve! .

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    I went on an amazing trip thanks to Hatch. They are the best ever. I highly recomend them!

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