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Hannah's Maze of Mirrors Pigeon Forge Pigeon Forge

Where is it at?

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Hannah's Maze of Mirrors Pigeon Forge
106 Showplace Blvd
Pigeon Forge
Tel: 865 428-5228

Where are we going today?

Have you ever been lost in a mirror maze? We don't feel like the answer would be "yes" too often! But, if you haven't, there is a first for everything!

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors will transport you into a modern-day fairytale where you have to make your way through the challenging mirror maze and rescue poor Princess Hannah of Savannah! 

Along the way, you will discover the many 288 potential turns along hundreds of mirrored walls and archways! Get ready, because some areas you might see infinite reflections in EVERY direction (and when we say "might"...we mean you will!)

The great thing about Hannah's Maze of Mirrors, is that it's hard to not get lost and have fun at the same time! Kids will love trying different paths...only to find they might be going round in circles!

Kids also love the mission of the maze: They have a time limit to rescue the princess. They will work with Queen Emmy and King Oscar, along with a powerful Wizard, and face off against the evil witch!

Who will win the battle between good vs evil! Well, that's up to you! Do you think you can take on the challenge?

It's great for kids because they get to work as a team if they want, overcome challenges, solve problems, and use their logical and tactical thinking to try and get themselves to the exit.

Parents, you can enjoy this aMAZEing attraction too! It's fun for all ages! you ready to take on your mission at Hannah's Maze of Mirrors!?

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$11
  • Children$8 (Ages 4 to 11)

When can we go?

9am until late

365 days a year

Teachers corner

They offer group rates which are perfect for bringing those students along!.

I'm Hungry!

There are plenty of things to enjoy nearby the maze!.

Healthy Eating!

Make sure you drink lots of water before you head into the maze - it's important to stay hydrated! .

Any Top Tips?

If you have small kids, its best to stay close by.

Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, just give them a call and see how they can help you!.

More information

They might offer extended hours on weekends and holidays .

What people are saying?

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    Castle of Chaos is not worth the money. We bought a two attraction deal that included the Wax Museum and the Castle of Chaos. The ride is very short and sort of boring. Nothing special about the 3D images. May be better for younger kids. Not good for those with motion sickness.

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    we went to the castle of chaos after the wax museum we enjoyed the 5-D experience the kids loved it the only thing I can warn you about is if you have motion sickness this probably isn't the attraction for you as you sit in theater style seats there is a screen on all four sides of you and the seats spin around several times and u shoot at the screens.

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