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Handprints of The Stars Hollywood

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Where are we going today?

Who do you think your hands might be bigger than?  Marilyn Monroe?  The stars of Harry Potter?  There's only one way to find out!  

For over 75 years Graumans Chinese Theatre (now known as TCL Theatre) has been one of the most iconic locations in Hollywood.  It's where we see the glitz and glamor of premieres, and where the stars come out for the Academy Awards.   

The forecourt of the theatre holds the imprints of hands and feet of some of Hollywoods biggest stars, both of the past and of the present day, and is what most people know about the theatre.  

It's a fun and interesting way to feel close to your movie favorites (We don't know if Mickey Mouse is there yet but we'll ask!) and compare how their hand sized differs to yours!

There is also more to the theatre than the imprints to see - it is still a working movie theater!  You can spend the afternoon grabbing the latest film (which might have had its premier right where you stand!) as well as a large IMAX screen for those really impressive blockbusters. 

It was once stated "To visit Los Angeles and not visit the Chinese Theatre is like visiting China and not visiting the Great Wall".  And its true!  It's a Hollywood icon. 

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Where is it at?

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Handprints of The Stars
6925 Hollywood Blvd
Tel: 323-464-8111

I'm Hungry!

There are so many great options to eat around Los Angeles you will be spoilt for choice! You will be in the hub of the city. .

Can I get one of those?

There is a great shop at the theatre to purchase fun and lovely reminders of your time in Los Angeles. Mugs, key chains, tshirts, magnets, can even buy an imprinting kit to make your own walk of fame star! .

What people are saying?

  • "LA history in the making!"

    by admin on Apr 15th, 2013

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    Defo worth a look.It's fun to get your pics taken with all of the people dressed up as stars too!

  • "It's a "must do" if you're in LA"

    by AlanSpoons on Apr 13th, 2013

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    5. 5

    If you're down in Hollywood - this really is a must do - we did the "Walk of Fame" at the same time looking at all the Stars on the floor - the kids see it on TV for years after. There's a great old style Diner next to the Hollywood Museum too

  • "Hands and Feet!"

    by Carolinep on Apr 04th, 2013

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    5. 5

    Great fun to see how big or small your favourite stars hands and feet are! the only downside is that is is very busy, and you do get hassled a lot by people wanting you to go on sightseeing tours.

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