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Grommet Island Park Virginia Beach

Where is it at?

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Grommet Island Park
Virginia Beach Boardwalk
Virginia Beach
Tel: 757 385 1100

Where are we going today?

Did you know that Grommet Island Beach Park is a playground for everyone - and we mean EVERYONE! It's the first oceanfront park in America that is 100% accessible, so no matter what your condition you are very welcome!

Grommet Island Park is 15,000 square foot of beach park which feature wheelchair accessible entrances, as well as a super fun playground that's...yep...all accessible too!

The playground has raised sand tables that are perfect to build those sandcastles on for those who can't get onto the beach floor. There is a fun sensory board for kids who are autistic and visually impaired, and there is even a super fun sway boat.

It's lovely to find a place that realizes that ALL kids want the same chance to play!

Grommet Island Park also has a number of fun sculptural features, such as a surfboard, a wave, and playful dolphins and yes, they are all created to ALL children can pretend to be in the ocean, riding the waves and playing with the dolphins.

There is decking which feature seating and umbrellas which can all be used by anyone in a wheelchair, and also allows anyBODY to play in the sand!

Grommet Island Park is a truly special place, and one that will make all kids have a fun and exciting experience down by the water and the sand. 

So grab those buckets and your spades, and those hats and sunscreen, and have a great family day out in Virginia - no matter what disability you have! 

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree
  • ChildrenFree

When can we go?

8am - 8pm

All year round. Park attendants there May 1 to October 31

Teachers corner

It's a great place to bring the students to show them that everyone is equal.

Any Top Tips?

There are beach accessible wheelchairs available - just see a park attendant when you get there.

Doing our bit

They are the first of it's kind in the USA, so big claps to them! They have considered everyone's needs .

Need a little extra help?

If you haven't noticed by's 100% accessible to EVERYONE! .

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    Fun for the kiddos

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    Restrooms nearby, lots of activities for the kids, outdoor showers to rinse sandy bodies off, park benches for resting, and plenty of room for the kids to run & play safely. Being a local Navy wife, this is my favorite place to come and burn the kids excess energy. Best part, it's FREE, with plenty of parking!

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