Grand Paradise Waterpark Collins

Where is it at?

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Grand Paradise Waterpark
50 Grandview Drive
Tel: 601 765 8118

Where are we going today?

Kids, are you ready to have a GRAND family day out, in the GRAND state of Mississippi? If you said "yes" (and we know you did!), then why not head to Grand Paradise Waterpark!

Grand Paradise Waterpark has a host of fun water attractions that you can enjoy, whether you are a tiny water baby, or the thrill seeker in the family.

What if we told you at Grand Paradise Waterpark, you could freefall over a series of vertical drops, reaching speeds of more than 40ft per SECOND!? If you want to experience zero-g sensations, then this is where to do it!

Have you ever wanted to try the WORLD's best looping speed slide, which takes you over 80 degrees in it's drop? If you are really wanting to test your bravery, then here you go!

Fancy just enjoying some old fashioned water fun? Head to the Water Fort! Keep an eye out above you with the tipping buckets, because they just might unleash their contents on you - and that means a soaking! There are water curtains to play in, slides that are a slippin, and wheels that are a turning!

Got those little ones in the family? The Waddleland Splashland has just what they need! Of course, one day they might move up to the Wipe Out when they are older, where they can shoot down a tube, and speed around....and around....until that big SPLASH at the end!

With typhoons, paradise, rivers, and just those classic swimming pools, Grand Paradise Waterpark really loves to give you that COOL family day out when you need it - so let's get splashing!

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$28
  • Children$24 (Under 48")
  • Free Under: 42" in height

When can we go?

10am - 5pm weekdays / 10am - 6pm Sat / 1pm - 6pm Sun

May to early September

I'm Hungry!

Water fun is hungry work, so at the park you can tuck into tasty treats such as hot dogs, corn dogs, chips, pizza and burgers!.

Healthy Eating!

They sell bottled water.

Any Top Tips?

You have to show untampered wrist bands and also stamped hands if you want to re-enter with the same admisison.

Doing our bit

They love keeping you safe, so they have lifeguards on duty who are certified.

Need a little extra help?

If you have any questions about accessibility, just speak to staff and they will happily help!.

More information

Why not have a birthday party at the park! They have three packages to choose from, and you can enjoy food, fun, goodie bags, and so much more! Package prices don't include admission.

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    Well run facility...well staffed (lifeguards). Very layed back atmosphere. Prices are a bit on the high side, but for a full day of water, sun, and relaxation, it is worth it. Wish it were closer to Jackson. It would be nice if they would allow folks to bring in a small cooler, especially folks with infants (formula) and folks with special needs (medication, special drinks, etc.) Food prices are not awful and the variety of food is ok. Addition of Wi-Fi would be great.

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    Are you kidding me? Watch your bag going through the door! Not even a adult doing the "security checks" at the door, just a girl that looks like she is twelve. What does a twelve year old girl know about security?
    God forbid my kid is drowning. I don't trust my kids to a ninety pound high school girl. If you are going to be about kids be about kids.
    Twenty-five dollars per person for about four rides? Are you kidding me?

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