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Goldenrod Farm Sherman Station

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Goldenrod Farm
HC 65
Box 38A
Sherman Station
Tel: 207 365 4845

Where are we going today?

During the summer months we operate an Animal Farm, inviting school, church, and other groups to visit our park and learn about farm animals. Demonstrations of goat milking, spinning, shearing, cider making, and calf feeding are offered at various times of the year. A display of Wool from Sheep to Skeins invites you to touch and learn about the steps in making wool yarn. The Bantam House has nests along the back, everyone likes to check for eggs. Food is available to feed the animals and a special pen for babies allows your kids to meet our kids (and lambs).
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    I want to know were in Murray Ky can I buy Goldenrod Milk that all I drink when it comes to milk it is the best. I can taste the difference believe me my friends have tried to fool me.

    Kroger and Wal Mart use to sell it but now they don't and then I notice that Rit Aid sold it so I would buy it there but last night there was no Goldenrod Milk I had to buy Peary farm milk.
    Please tell me were to buy Goldenrod Milk in Murray or Mayfield Ky.

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